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Children missing education

Anyone concerned that a child is missing education (CME) can make a referral to the Education Performance and Inclusion team (EPI) at Gloucestershire County Council

Children Missing Education (CME) refers to 'any child of compulsory school age who is not registered at any formally approved education activity eg school, alternative provision, elective home education, and has been out of education provision for at least 4 weeks'.

CME also includes those children who are missing (family whereabouts unknown), and are usually children who are registered on a school roll / alternative provision. This might be a child who is not at their last known address and either

  • has not taken up an allocated school place as expected, or
  • has 10 or more days of continuous absence from school without explanation, or
  • left school suddenly and the destination is unknown

It is the responsibility of the Education Performance and Inclusion team, on behalf of the Local Authority (LA), to:-

  • Collate information on all reported cases of CME of statutory school aged children in Gloucestershire maintained schools, academies. free schools, alternative provision academies and Alternative Provision Schools (APS).
  • Liaise with partner agencies and other LAs and schools across Britain to track pupils who may be missing education.
  • Ensure each child missing education is offered full time education within 2 weeks of the date the LA was informed.

Alerting the LA that a child may be missing education

Any professional should alert the LA when they suspect that a child might be missing from education.To make this process as easy as possible, a referral should be sent to:

Education Performance and Inclusion team
Shire Hall,
Westgate Street,
Gloucester GL1 2TP

Tel 01452 328033 / 427800


CME Guide January 2017

CME referral form - schools

CME referral - professionals other than at school

CME report 2013Opens new window

Protocol on partnership working when children and young people run away and go missing from home or care

Protocol on partnership working when children and young people run away and go missing from home or careOpens new window

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