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SEND Early Years team

The SEND Early Years team supports children aged 0-5 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) or who are disabled. The team comprises of Gloucestershire Portage, Early Start groups, Outreach support, Early Help Advisers, Multi-Agency Planning (MAP) group (inclusion grant funding), Gloucestershire Total Communication (GTC) training and SENCO training.

The SEND Early Years team has now joined with the  Early Years Team - updated web pages due soon. 

For Early Years Team information follow the link http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/early-years-team/


SEND Early Years team (0-5 years)

The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Early Years team provides support to help children with additional needs or who are disabled, their parents/carers and the settings they attend.

This can be done through:- 

  • Home visits - including Portage
  • Early Start groups
  • Outreach support
  • Advice and support to Early Years and educational settings (Early Help Advisers)
  • Multi-Agency Planning (MAP) group
  • Gloucestershire Total Communication (GTC) training
  • SENCO training
  • Whole Early Years setting training relating to the Graduated Pathway or a bespoke package to meet the needs of the setting

What does the SEND Early Years team do?

  • We work with you, your child and their Early Years setting if appropriate on all aspects of your child's development, progress and future planning.
  • We can offer home visits and/or support your child in their setting.
  • We run a range of Early Start groups at various venues throughout the county.  These are targeted groups for children to attend with their parents/carers.
  • We can support you with finding the right child care setting.
  • When your child is ready to access nursery or educational placement we can support the setting to ensure a smooth transition and help your child settle in.  We will help the setting to identify any additional support your child may need and will help them to provide this. 
  • We work very closely with other professionals, some of which you and your child may be receiving support from, such as physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, social care etc.
  • Outreach Support provides a skilled practitioner that can support the setting so that they can confidently support a child with SEND.

Please use the SEND Early Years Referral form to refer to Portage, Early Start groups or the Outreach team.

 SEND Early Years Referral form

 Portage Leaflet

 Early Start Group Leaflet

 Outreach Support Leaflet

Email: eysendreferral@gloucestershire.gov.uk

SEND Early Help Advisers (EHAs):

  • Advise setting-based Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinators (SENCOs), and managers from Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) settings.
  • Offer advice in developing and implementing an SEND policy covering inclusion and admission of children with additional needs.
  • Help identify additional resources to enable them to include a child with SEND in a universal setting.
  • Advise early years settings in carrying out their legal responsibilities in respect of the Equality Act (2010).
  • Offer advice and support on establishing multi-agency working and building positive relationships across all organisations.
  • Support with understanding the SEND graduated pathway and completing a ‘My Plan’, ‘My Assessment’ and ‘My Plan+’.
  • Deliver training relating to SEND.

Early Help Advisers Leaflet

Early Help Advisers Referral form 

Email: earlyhelpadviserreferrals@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Please note: there is now a new process in place for referrals into the Multi-Agency Planning (MAP) group. 

Please contact your Early Help Adviser (EHA) in the first instance:-

For Gloucester North, Cheltenham and Cotswolds contact Ruth Price, mobile 07796 610496

For Gloucester South, Stroud and Dursley contact Catherine Hardwick, mobile 07909 937184

For Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury contact Kim Nicholls, mobile 07796 610433

or email: sendeymapreferral@gloucestershire.gov.uk

This is a multi-agency group who meet to consider referrals seeking additional advice, support and resources from EY settings.

Referrals to MAP group should be made for a child who has:-

  • Medical/educational needs requiring additional support with learning/development.
  • Additional needs that have not been met by following the graduated approach as outlined in the SEN Code of Practice/ Gloucestershire Guidance Booklet for Professionals working with Children and Young People with SEND.

SEND Graduated Pathway

  • Referrals can be made to MAP group to apply for inclusion grant funding or other assistance to help support a child and the setting they attend.
    • MAP group meetings are held fortnightly.

Guide to Early Years Inclusion Funding

Email: sendeymapreferral@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Gloucestershire Total Communication (GTC) Course One training

  • The SEND Early Years team offers a Total Communication approach to encourage all methods of communication ie signing, symbols, switches and other communication aids.
  • We offer Course One training for parents and practitioners.
  • Course One is an introduction to using a range of communication methods to support speech or as an alternative to speech.
  • Courses Two and Three are also available. 
  • Course Two extends the knowledge and skills covered in Course One. 
  • Course Three is for practitioners wanting to deliver Course One to their work place team.
  • Apply for courses Two and Three via www.totalcommunication.org.uk

GTC Leaflet

Email: gtc@gloucestershire.gov.uk


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