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Could you share your life and help change someone else’s?

Throughout Gloucestershire, many adults are looking for assistance to enable them to live their life in a way that supports their needs and enables new experiences. It might be that a person who has just come out of hospital needs extra care in a home environment before returning home. Alternatively, it could be that someone living with dementia may benefit from a respite break in a family home as opposed to residential care. People with assessed needs also include people with disabilities and/or long-term health conditions.

Gloucester Shared Lives Scheme offers an alternative to traditional social care options. It is flexible and offers support within a family home for a few days, a few weeks or on a long-term basis. We are currently looking to recruit Shared Lives Carers throughout Gloucestershire who can help us develop the service and enable many more people to access wider choice in their care options.

Being a Shared Lives Carer can be very rewarding. Enabling people with assessed needs to access communities and fully live their lives from a safe and caring base can make an exceptional difference to an individual’s life. You may also be supporting another family to have a break themselves knowing their loved ones are safe and in a suitable and caring environment. All our Carers go through an assessment process which takes around three months; it includes completion of an application form, home visits by members of our team and high quality, relevant training.

If you think you may like to be involved and have space within your home, then we would love to hear from you. You will be supported by specialist staff throughout the application process and on an on-going basis once approved. Shared Lives Carers are self-employed and will be paid a fee for the support they provide.

If you would like to discuss in more detail and/or require further information. Please contact The Shared Lives team on 01452 426237 or e-mail shared.lives@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Carer profiles and vacancies

I have found being a Carer one of the most rewarding and warming experiences. When my mum and I welcomed D into our lives we did it thinking we would be giving him a lovely family home, however it has turned into so much more than that. D is family, he is my brother and I don't think I will ever see him as anything but that. We have so much to thank him for as when he came and lived with us we didn't realise quite how much we weren't embracing life. My dad had passed a few years previously and Mum and I did lots to actively block things out, we didn't celebrate Christmas, we worked lots of hours and generally didn't spend much time on us. D completely changed that, he made Christmas all about family again, he made life magical as cheesy as that sounds. I have since moved out of the family home, with D staying behind with mum, but through Shared Lives D comes to me regularly on respite so our little 'family unit' is as strong as ever. So what started out as us thinking we were helping someone else actually has turned out to be him helping us, he really has made our lives so much more fulfilling and myself, my mum and now my other half and daughter can't imagine life without him. If anyone is considering becoming a carer don't just think about what you can offer to someone else but how much they are going to enrich your lives.

My wife and I have been Shared lives Carer’s for 7 years to one service user who has been with us for a total of 11 years. She was a foster child with us before this. Therefore, we came to Shared Lives through a transition process from Foster Care to Adult Care.
Before Susan became 18, we found out about Shared lives and decided that Shared Lives was the best route to go as Susan has assessed needs. When it came time for the transition, it all went very smoothly with a lot of support from the Shared lives Officer. We had to do relevant adult training some of which was online. We have now been Shared Lives Carer’s for 7 years and we still get the support if we need it. We find the Shared Lives Officers friendly and always there to support us when we need it.

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