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General home safety

Telecare sensors can detect a range of potential emergencies in the home. This could help people who might not be able to press a button or use a telephone to call for help.


Smoke and Heat Detector

Where there is concern over a person's ability to call for help in the event of fire, these sensors are programmed to raise an alarm call through to the Telecare Monitoring Centre if smoke or very high temperatures are detected.


Temperature Extremes Sensor

In situations where a person accidentally leaves a pan on the cooking rings, this sensor will detect a rapid rise in heat and raise an alarm call to the Telecare Monitoring Centre. It can also be used for detecting extremely low temperatures, for example if the central heating is not switched on and the property has become very cold.

Carbon Monoxide and Gas Detector

Devices can be used that detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide or gas in the property. These can be used when there is a risk in relation to cooking or gas appliances where a person may have difficulty responding to this risk on their own.


Flood Detector

Sensors can be situated to detect flooding in the property and can be programmed to raise an alarm call in the event of a flood


Bed Sensor

A sensor mat on the bed can be programmed to detect if a person has been out of bed for a long time. It can also be used to turn on/off a bedside lamp and to ensure that someone is going to bed at night.




Please note; we provide keysafes when we have installed a lifeline and the GFRS response service is identified as one of the designated responders for an individual or when it is not possible for friends and family responders to have a key of their own.

Keysafes are also available to buy through online retailers and high street stores. 



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