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Wild Boar - Risk of Disease


Visitors to areas where wild boar are present are being reminded that, while feeding them may seem helpful, it’s dangerous for their health and could spread fatal diseases among the boar which could transfer to commercial pigs.


Please do your part and keep African Swine Fever out of the UK


Boar quickly become accustomed to being fed and abandon their natural diets to raid bins and cause hazards on the roads. 

A working group, including AHDB, Defra, the NPA, NFU and the Forestry Commission, is working closely to share the message that visitors play an important part in keeping pigs safe. The message is clear: Don’t feed wild boar human food scraps. The perfect boar food is plentiful and growing naturally in the forest, let them forage for their own food.

The following images can be printed and displayed as posters by residents and farmers in the areas to increase awareness.









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