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Gloucestershire's Local Transport Plan Consultation

An 11 week public consultation took place on the Draft Local Transport Plan between November 2015 and February 2016. 217 representations were received from organisations and individuals across the county.

A consultation response report has been published and is available for download. This report summarises the representations and proposed changes to the draft document, received during this final stage of the review process.

A document listing all representations received through this final round of consultation is can be provided upon request. Where stakeholders have used the online consultation portal the full comment is included. Due to the length of some of the representations received via other formats, it has been necessary to provide an abridged version of the comments received. All requests for this document should be made to the following email address. ltp@gloucestershire.gov.uk

There were seven key stages to the review process. The documents available for download on this page provide background information from each of the review stages.

7 key stages of the LTP review process
Stage Task Status
1 Evidence Base review Complete
2 Issues consultation Complete
3 Stakeholder consultation Complete
4 Consultation of Consultation Document Complete
5 Review of plan Complete
6 Public consultation of Full Plan Complete
7 Formal adoption Complete

Strategic Environmental Assessment

To support the production of the LTP a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was carried out. The purpose of the SEA process is to inform and influence the planning process with the aim of maximising its contribution to sustainable development. The SEA process was undertaken to meet the requirements of the Strategic Environmental Assessment Regulations.

The Scoping Report was the outcome of the first stage of the process. The purpose of the Scoping Report is to set out the 'scope' of the SEA, including the context, evidence base and key environmental issues, challenges and opportunities to be considered through the SEA process. It also presents a framework against which the LTP can be assessed.

The Environmental Report included an appraisal of the LTP Consultation Document (stage 4 of the LTP review process). The report presented its findings across nine environmental themes. These findings were picked up within the Draft LTP Document (stage 5 of the LTP review process) with the recommendations captured within the following policies:

Now the LTP is adopted, the SEA Statement can be issued. The Statement will outline how environmental considerations have been incorporated and have formed an integral part of the LTP.

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