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LTP Review 2019/20

The LTP review 10 week consultation period has closed (26th of March 2020).  Thank you for taking the opportunity to respond. The LTP Consultation Report provides a detailed analysis of the responses received. 

Consultation (closed)

The Draft LTP consultation closed at the end of March 2020.  A formal LTP Consultation Report records stakeholder comments under themed responses. The revised Local Transport Plan (2020-2041) for Cabinet includes the outcomes from the public consultation and the final stages of sustainability appraisal.  Following consideration of the revised LTP (2020-2041) at a joint meeting of the Environment and Economic Growth Scrutiny Committees in September 2020, the emerging LTP will be taken to Cabinet in January 2021.


The Local Transport Plan (LTP) is a living document setting out the transport strategy for Gloucestershire. The LTP Review considered national, regional and county local priorities and policies that have changed during the plan period.  The review strengthens the climate change agenda and reflects adopted Local Plans and their infrastructure requirements.  It recognises the link between the newly introduced Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIP), and looks towards a new time horizon, to 2041, to discuss future transport technologies and likely growth scenarios. 

Stage 1

  • Early Engagement with Key Stakeholders
  • Joint Economic Growth & Environment Scrutiny Committee
  • Cabinet approval for Public Consultation
  • Draft Local Transport Plan for Consultation
  • Supporting documents – Integrated Sustainability Appraisal & Habitats Regulations Assessment (draft)
  • Public Consultation (16th January – 26th March 2020)

Stage 2

  • Public Consultation Responses – documented and considered
  • Integrated Sustainability Appraisal – revisited
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment (final report)
  • LTP Consultation Report
  • Gloucestershire Local Transport Plan (2020-2041) – Final Draft
  • Joint Economic Growth & Environment Scrutiny Committee
  • Cabinet approval to take the LTP forward for adoption
  • County Council approval to adopt the final LTP

Draft LTP

The Local Transport Plan – Draft,  Integrated Sustainability Appraisal & Appendices and the Habitats Regulations Assessment is available here: Local Transport Plan (LTP) Review – Draft


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