Changes to Arle Court Park & Ride

From Monday 13 May, we will be making changes at Arle Court to prioritise parking for ‘park and riders’ by making it easier for them to travel into Cheltenham. 

Please see our main Park & Ride page for full information about the service, including links to timetables and fares.

The Arle Court Park and Ride site has now reached capacity as a result of motorists parking for free and then walking off-site rather than paying to use the bus service into Cheltenham town centre.

So we are introducing the following improvements to free up more parking spaces for park and riders, help ease congestion and improve air quality in Cheltenham:

  • a new payment system for bus users who park at the site;
  • parking charges for users who park at the site but choose not to use the bus service; and
  • limiting the number of parking spaces for non bus users to 150 spaces.

How will these changes work?

A new payment system for bus users using the Park & Ride:

  • Once you have parked your vehicle, you will need to enter your vehicle’s registration number plate on the touchscreen machines clearly signposted next to the bus shelter.
  • You will then receive a reusable ticket with a QR code. You should keep this ticket safe as you will need to use it on the bus that serves the site..
  • When you get on the bus, please pay the bus driver as usual for your journey
  • Finally you will need to scan your QR code ticket using the reader on the bus. This will confirm you qualify for free parking.

Note: If the ticket isn’t scanned on the bus, the user will be issued with a penalty charge notice and fine of up to £50

Parking charges for users who park but don’t use the bus service:

  • A parking charge of £6 per day will apply (£3 per day if parking after 1pm).
  • A maximum of 150 parking spaces are available for those who wish to park but not use the bus service.
  • To book and pay for one of the available 150 spaces; drivers will need to use the MiPermit cashless payment system which will be available online from Monday 6 May and as an app at the Apple and Play stores.

Watch this video to find out how to use the new payment system. 


Frequently Asked Questions

No, the QR code must be scanned daily to receive free parking

No, the QR code encodes your car registration and as long as your vehicle registration is the same you can keep reusing the QR code ticket. We shall be offering free plastic wallets to keep your QR codes safe.

If you do not validate your QR code then you will not qualify for free parking and will receive a parking ticket of up to £50.

No, there is no facility to pay for parking onsite

No, the process is fully digital and you will not need to display anything in your car.

Yes, you will need to pay the driver for travel as usual.

If you have made a genuine error with your registration then you are able to appeal against the parking ticket using the details on the rear of the parking ticket.

No, the maximum stay without receiving a ticket will be 10 mins, if you stay longer than this you may receive a parking ticket.


Feedback from park and riders

Mrs Dickenson: "I am really happy that parking restrictions are being put in as I had stopped using the park and ride due to not finding parking. This is brilliant!" 

Anonymous: "This is great news. It’s the best thing to happen at the park and ride. I'm glad we have such a good service. I was turned away three times before Christmas, so looking forward to the new arrangements."

Anonymous: "It's about time something was sorted out, it’s a disgrace that businesses are parking here for free when they have their own land to park on." 

Mrs Townley: "The park and ride is really popular and I am glad that the county council is taking measures to ensure it's used for its proper purpose." 

NHS employee: "This will really help the staff that work for the NHS – thank you." 

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