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Applications for the Spare Seat Scheme 2018/19

Applications are now open for the 2018/19 academic year.

Once you submit your application form it will be recorded on our spare seat database, but a place will only be offered once we are sure there are no entitled passengers needing a space on the route you have applied for.

We are still working through a small backlog and aim to be in touch as soon as we can.

It is therefore essential that you have a plan in place for the transportation of your child to school if we are unable to offer you a spare seat. 

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Spare seat scheme

This scheme is only valid once all pupils entitled to free school transport have been allocated a seat on a service

Apply for a seat on the bus

If a school bus is run by GCC and some seats are not yet occupied, you may be able to buy a travel pass, but it is not guaranteed. Please use the form below to apply online. If your application is successful, (dependent on spare seat capacity) you will be asked to pay a fee based on the scale outlined below:

 Spare Seat payment options after receipt of OFFER LETTER      

School Banding 

One off 



Annual Cost 

Direct Debit options      

1st instalment 

payable on


Then 6 instalments from October to March       
Primary  £500.00 £80.00 £70.00      
Secondary £675.00 £135.00 £90.00      
Post - 16 £750.00 £150.00 £100.00      

The spare seat prices are reviewed annually

Joining Part Way Through the Academic Year   
School Banding  Term 1 Term 2  Term 3 Term 4 Term 5  Term 6
Primary  £83.33 £83.33 £83.33 £83.33 £83.33 £83.33
Secondary £112.50 £112.50 £112.50 £112.50 £112.50 £112.50
Post - 16 £125.00 £125.00 £125.00 £125.00 £125.00 £125.00

Please Note:

Parents joining this scheme part way through the year or only wishing to buy a spare seat pass for a specific number of terms will need to pay in full. 

The Direct Debit scheme is not an available option.

Before you apply have you checked that the service is eligible for the spare seat scheme.

View school services timetables here

Apply here


Please note: Each pass entitles the holder to one seat on the school bus, which they may use for their morning and afternoon transport throughout the week. As a seat is held for the pass-holder every day, we cannot negotiate reduced prices or refunds for passengers who use (or would prefer to use) transport less frequently.

Once all entitled places have been allocated, we will let you know by e-mail if a seat on the bus you have requested is still available.

The allocation of pupils is usually finalised towards the end of the summer holiday, so this is when you should expect to hear back from us if applying for the new academic year. 

We sometimes cannot offer a place until after the beginning of term, and depending on the final loading figures we regrettably may not be able to offer passes to some returning pupils at all, even if they did use the bus in a previous year. 

Therefore, we strongly advise that you prepare a back-up plan in case there are no spare seats on the service you have requested.

If you receive an offer, you will then be able to pay for your bus pass, securing your child's seat for the academic year. Instructions for how to make your payment will be enclosed with the offer.

For more information about the spare seat scheme, please refer to arrangements, terms & conditions

If you have been offered a seat you can pay by direct debit.

A GCC bus pass is only valid on the service named and at the times listed (i.e. at the beginning and end of the school day). It cannot be used outside of school hours, or for other school travel such as medical appointments or after school clubs. You cannot use it to board other services to the same school.

GCC can only sell spare seats on services it controls. Many school services are not run by GCC and are not part of our spare seat scheme.

We do not sell spare seats on the following services:

These services are run by their respective operators, and therefore the costs may vary. If you would like to travel on one of these routes please contact the operator directly.

If your child violates the code of conduct their pass may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn. Please familiarise yourself with the code of conduct: 

Code of conduct for pupils who use home-to-school transport

If for any reason you no longer need your seat and would like to return your bus pass, please contact the Integrated Transport Unit. If you have requested a refund they will evaluate your request. For contact details please refer to your original offer e-mail.

If your child has lost their bus pass a replacement will cost £5.00 - you can order and pay online. You will need to provide your child's name, date of birth and school.

Note - This option only applies to bus passes issued by GCC, if the bus pass was provided by any of the operators listed above you need to contact them direct.

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