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Being looked after away from home can be a difficult and confusing time and we want you to be happy and do well while you're in our care.

The following information shows you the different ways that looked after children and young people can get their views across and be heard while being cared for.

If you’re finding it hard to talk to a social worker, health professional or teacher, Mind Of My Own One is a great way to put down your thoughts and send them to those who need to hear from you. 

Mind Of My Own helps you think about what you what to say - to feel confident about speaking up about your care. You can use it to prepare for a meeting, to share some good news with a worker, to make plans for the next stage in your life....and it's all their on your phone whenever you need it.

Mind Of My Own can help children and young people give their views, wishes and feelings for assessments, plans and meetings.

Some of the features of Mind Of My Own are:

  • Getting Ready for a Meeting
  • My Worker is Visiting
  • Change Something
  • Sort out a Problem
  • Planning for Adulthood
  • Share my Good News

Get yourself a Mind Of My Own One account

Visit the App Store or Google Play Store today to download Mind Of My Own One now

If you want to make a complaint, we have a dedicated complaints and compliments team. You can use Mind of My Own to make a complaint or you can speak to your social worker and/or IRO. If you need help making a complaint, you can get in touch with Barnardo’s to request an advocate. Advocates are independent from the council and can help make sure your views are heard or simply give you advice.

For the last two years, we have teamed up with Coram Voice who have put together some surveys to help us find out from you what is working well and what isn't working so well so we can look at what we need to do to make things better. You can take a look at the results from the previous years as well as take part in any current surveys. You can see this here

This is a really good opportunity to tell us what is going on for you and help us to make things better not just for you, but all of the looked after children and care leavers in Gloucestershire. 

An Advocate is different from any other professional. They are there just to support you. They will make sure you know your rights and get the support you need from Children’s Services. They are there to help you.

How can my Advocate help me?

  • They will tell you about your rights and give you information and advice about the things you should get from Children’s Services, your social worker, foster carer or where you are living.
  • They can go with you to meetings with your social worker. such as your Pathway Plan meeting or Child in Care Review review to help you say the things that are important to you.
  • If you are unhappy about how you are being treated by Children’s Services or if you are worried about what is happening they can help get this sorted out.
  • They can make sure you understand what professionals are saying and help you to say what you want and make sure people listen to you.
  • They will always be on your side.
  • To find out more about how to get an advocate, ask your IRO or social worker. Also take a look at our advocacy page. 

"When I went into care we had lots and lots of meetings about all sorts of things which I didn’t quite understand. I was put in touch with an advocate which really helped me make sense of it all. They were able to discuss with me what the meetings where about, who was going to be there and what my views are. We would have a phone call beforehand to go through what I wanted to say. I preferred to have someone talk for me as I often went along with what everyone else wanted instead of what I wanted. They were able to make sure my views were listened to so I was happy with the plan. It was also someone who wouldn’t voice their views and who was completely outside of the social work network. It was someone who would just listen, who wouldn’t judge and who would help you so you don’t feel alone. " Leah, Ambassador



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