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For Term 3 (16th April 2018 - 25th July 2018) we will be using paper PEPS whilst we explore our PEP platform options. Therefore we will NOT be using our ePEP. We have created some interim PEP documents which can be found via the link below, as well as some additional documentation. 

Work with children and young people with additional needs? We want your views.

Consultation from Monday 4th June to Tuesday 31st July.

We are planning some changes to the way we allocate funding through the High Needs budget to improve the support we provide to families. We would appreciate your comments on our proposals and any other ideas that you may have. Have your say!

Key Stage 4





Useful links for revision

Access hundreds of learning resources, download the app and revise on the go.



The main GCSE exam boards used by schools are:

Assessment and Qualifications Alliance  (AQA) aqa_og_logo
Pearson Edexcel logo_edexcel_colour_2
Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Exams (OCR) ae8b7b0e-c88b-45d9-bf26-aa5fb7c1f578-org-ocr-logo
Welsh Joint Examinations Committee (WJEC) wjec-logo

On each site you can download past papers and mark schemes, which will help you with your revision.


Brain Boosting Tips

Get sweaty

  • Jogging and walking improve circulation to the brain.
  • Studies have shown that exercise can help sustain cells in the hippocampus - part of brain vital for memory and learning.

Feed your brain

  • Omega 3 fatty acids in tuna or sardines improve cognitive abilities and mood.
  • Vitamin B - Marmite helps to boost your brain. YOU EITHER HATE IT OR LOVE IT!

Take a Break

  • Pace your revision.
  • Cardiff University report - 'The number of facts that can be retained drops after 40minutes. A 20 minute break allows you to work for another 40 minutes.'

Relax your Body

  • Use relaxation techniques before an exam to help your mind to access facts and solves problems more effectively.
  • Deep breathing - inhaling, exhaling at a slow pace for 2 minutes.

Sleep on it

  • Lack of sleep can effect creativity and decision making skills.
  • 7-8 hours sleep a night is essential.
  • Learning facts just before you go sleep helps cement what you have learnt.
  • 30 minute power nap increases afternoon brain performance and prevents information overload.

Drink Water

  • Our brains contain 80% water so dehydration is bad for you.
  • You are recommended to drink between 4-5 pints of water a day.

Lay off Technology

  • Psychologists claim frequent use of texting, on computer playing games can lower IQ more than twice as much as marijuana.
  • Temporary loss in IQ is due to the brain multitasking and losing its overall effectiveness.


Websites to help with school

s-cool revision siteOpens new window

GCSE.com resources for some GCSE subjectsOpens new window

BBC Bitesize revision materials for GCSE students

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