Telephone system issue

We have problems with our telephone systems. While we resolve these issues please email the team you need to contact or call back later.
Many thanks for your patience.

Creating a blog

To create the blog holder:

  1. Hit on the article below which you want to hang the blog
    (often, but not always, the site home page)
  2. Choose the “Articulate” type 
  3. Give your blog at least a name & title
    • If you want allow discussions set the “Disqus Shortname” to “GlosCC” or configure your own Diqus account - see:


  1. Blog - customise if you want but the defaults on this tab are fine
  2. Style is a bit hit & miss – there are several Themes available but some are flaky.
    (See the Themes pages for the pros, cons & pitfalls of each theme.)
    Mini and Vapor are the least problematical but all have some issues:
    • The Banner does not work on some.
    • Some do not show the Logo.
    • Set the Logo up with care – it gets clipped into a circle on some themes so wide logos like the full Gloucestershire County Council logo don’t work.
      (The county stamp logo is better.)
    • Experiment to see what appears & what doesn’t & whether you like the layouts.
  3. MetaWeblog options don’t apply – the software needed is out of service.
  4. Page Info is also pointless as it changes nothing.
  5. Related data does not appear.
  6. Notices do not appear on blogs.
  7. Search Metadata I haven’t been able to confirm whether this tab has any effect yet.
  8. Navigation - Hide from navigation does not work.
    (There is an open bug report about visibility of unpublished & hidden pages which is yet to be deployed which might affect this.)


The basic blog container has two components, which are created for you:

  1. One “Authors” group – you can then set the author for a blog and have their profile show in the blog footer.
    You can have more than one Author group if you prefer to organise your authors
  2. One “Archive” which will contain all the blog posts.
    These are not visible as normal child articles but show in a table of contents
    It is possible to add more than one Archive but only blog entries in the first container appear on the menus.

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