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Markdown quick start

See Daring Fireball's web site for fuller documentation .

General syntax: unmarked text is treated as paragraphs - two carriage returns signal the end of the paragraph. This means that you need to separate all blocks, including lists with a double carriage return for the markdown interpreter to start a new formatted block.

Use hashes (#) to specify headings

## Heading 2
### Heading 3, etc

Or use 'underlined' text to combine headings with underlining

Main heading underlined

Secondary heading underlined


Use dashes to specify bullet points

- Bullet 1
- Bullet 2

Number list items to specify numbered lists

1. List 1
2. List 2

Links are two part [link text](link url “Title”) - “Title” optional

[an example]( "Title")

Web addresses can be show as links by using <angle brackets>


Images like links but preceded by an exclamation

![Alt text](/path/to/img.jpg "Optional title")

So obviously you have to know the link to the image.

Emphasise with the asterisk

*single asterisks* - the equiavalent of italic
**double asterisks** - the equivalent of bold

Indents can be created with the >

> will indent this line one “tab”
> > will indent this two

You can use this to produce nested lists

To show a horizontal rule just put three asterisks on an otherwise blank line


If you need to show any of the above special characters as-is, precede them with a back-slash (\).


will show the asterisks (***) rather than the a horizontal rule

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