Finding media (experts only)

The simple method is outlined on the page about "Updating media" but if you don't have access to the page to inspect the link you will need to use the back door method.

Note: the back door is only available to experts, ie the Digital team and others with wider system privileges.

Using Developer tools


The Developer Tools contain some powerful elements which, although innocuous and helpful looking, can damage our Umbraco set-up.
Only use the "Examine Management" tab.
Wander elsewhere at your peril – there be dragons!

Finding media with "Examine Management"

If you only have the address of the media item you cannot reliably use that to find the media item because:

  1. Umbraco uses the file name in the link and this does not necessarily match the media title which is what you search for.
  2. The number in the link is not the media ID.


Using the following link as an example:
(Term dates for 2018-19)

  1. In Developer Tools switch to the "Examine Management" tab
  2. In "Searchers" open "Internal Searchers" >> "Search Tools"
  3. Paste your address on the search box an trim the protocol & domain from the start & the file name from the end leaving:
  4. Add an asterisk "match all" character to the end
  5. Select "Lucene Search" and hit [ Search ]
  6. The result shows full details of the media item but all you are interested in is the "Id"
    (& possibly "writerName")






    __Icon: icon-document __IndexType: media __NodeId: 18532 __NodeTypeAlias: file __Path: -1,1502,13525,17424,18532 __nodeName: 2018-19 term dates report.pdf createDate: 20170224092125000 creatorID: 75 id: 18532 key: fdb0025f-8e4c-454a-aadb-d900d6a17e12 level: 4 nodeName: 2018-19 Term Dates Report.pdf nodeType: 1033 nodeTypeAlias: File parentID: 17424 path: -1,1502,13525,17424,18532 sortOrder: 73 template: 0 umbracoBytes: 227099 umbracoExtension: pdf umbracoFile: /media/13605/2018-19-term-dates-report.pdf updateDate: 20170224092125000 urlName: 2018-19-term-dates-reportpdf version: 682c196f-ee15-4ac3-a45d-053406cc9e4e writerID: 75 writerName:

  7. Take the Media ID (18532) and use it in the media tree to search for your document.
    media search

…and the even harder way

If the search abive malfunctions for some reason (it does happen) you can walk down the tree to the document using the "__Path" information in the values list:

__Path: -1,1502,13525,17424,18532

media pathThis shows the ID numbers of the folders on the way to 18532 at the end of the path.

To walk your way down the path you will need to hover over each folder in turn from thr root (which is ID = -1 in the path).

As you can see on the tree to the right, ID 1502 is the "GCC Main site" folder so we need to open that.

Within it we find that the "Education" folder is ID = 13525 so open that.

ID = 17424 is "Access to Learning" so we open that and within it will be the media item with ID = 18532

tree walked to file


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