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Log in to the appropriate Umbraco address

These will need to be processed to ensure all links & downloads work.

There is a quirk in the Umbraco editor which means that if you are on a non gloucestershire.gov.uk domain such as heritagehub.org.uk, any link you make from the non-GCC-domain site to the GCC-domain site while logged in to the “normal” Umbraco link is incorrect in the sense that:

  • You try to link from heritagehub.org.uk to gloucestershire.gov.uk/archives/somewhere,
  • the system will create a link to heritagehub.org.uk/archives/somewhere which will not work.

Solution is to edit non-GCC-domain sites via their site specific Umbraco link: eg heritagehub.org.uk/umbraco.

Links the other way, eg from gloucestershire.gov.uk to heritagehub.org.uk/somewhere, work fine if you are logged in to gloucestershire.gov.uk/umbraco.

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