Really technical bits

Warning: take care using Developer tools

The Developer Tools contain some powerful elements which, although innocuous and helpful looking, can damage our Umbraco set-up.
Only use the "Examine Management" tab.
Wander elsewhere at your peril – there be dragons!

What pages does User X own?

You need to use Developer tools for this but it’s a quick search.

  1. Find the User in "Users" - users
  2. The user ID is not shown in the User panel, you have to extract it from the URL
    With my user open the URL is:
    The user ID is the number after the 'D' at the end of the URL; 3 in this case
    Sharon Smith’s URL is:
    And her user ID is 87
  3. If you find this difficult you can paste the URL into
    Then hit decode twice (Umbraco loves encoding so much it does it twice)
    Using Sharon’s URL as an example the decoded URL becomes:
    This makes the user ID much more apparent
  4. Go to Developer > Examine Management [tab] > Searchers > InternalSearcher > Search tools
  5. In the search box enter: "pageOwner:userID" so for Sharon – "pageOwner:87"
  6. Select "Lucene Search" and hit "Search" –this can take a few seconds if the user owns many items
  7. Umbraco returns a table of the items the user owns
  8. You can extract the "Id" column by copying the table into Excel & removing the other two columns
  9. The "Id" column is a list of all the items your user owns
    (Note: take care with shorter IDs because searching for "1366" for example would also list "13660" and all the other IDs to "13669")

Examine Management for finding a "Member" from their email

We would normally set up "Members" using their email address as the login name. However, this is not always the case (eg schools and foster carers) and users will not always sign up using their email as the login name. If all you know is the email, the search in the “Members” area will not find the “Member” as it searches for the login name.

You can find the user easily via Examine Management:

  1. Go to "Developer" > "Examine Management"
  2. In the "Searchers" open "InternalMemberSearcher" > "Search tools"
  3. Select "Lucene Search"
  4. Enter the user email in the search field and hit "Search"
  5. You should get a single result
    Score Id Values
    1.24582553 16806 __Icon: icon-umb-users __IndexType: member __NodeId: 16806 __NodeTypeAlias: member __Path: -1,16806 __key: dca6d33f-3836-4fc9-99db-777c32263ae4 __nodeName: nigel.boor _searchEmail: nigelboor icloud com dateOfApproval: 27/01/2017 13:54:21 email: firstName: Nigel id: 16806 lastName: Boor loginName: nigel.boor nodeName: nigel.boor nodeTypeAlias: Member passwordCreateToken: A6+1c/Nhv0ueNiWAhpJXrQ== passwordCreateTokenExpirationDate: 21/02/2017 14:21:21 sendCreatePass-wordRequest: 0 updateDate: 2017-02-17T14:27:55
  6. The name you need is nodeName (shown in bold above)

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