Setting up Umbraco Members

It is important to stress that 'security' is a misnomer – all you can do is hide a page from visitors who are not logged in; therefore all content on the web site and Staffnet is considered public and only UNCLASSIFIED material is allowed.

Note: Media cannot be ‘secured’ on Umbraco yet; anyone with a link can see it unchallenged!


Since you will always add your Members to Groups, and Groups are used to 'secure' pages, you should set up Groups first.

It’s a simple process

  1. Hit ⋯ on the "Member Groups" section of the tree
  2. Enter the Group name
    (make it meaningful & logical – add a prefix like BSS_ if you need subgroups)
  3. Hit Save

There is nothing else you can configure here


Once you have all the groups you need create at least one Member per Group – a group with no Members is useless because no one can login to it.

The process is slightly more involved:

  1. Hit ⋯ on the "Members" section of the tree
  2. Choose "Website member"
  3. Give the user a name
    member name
  4. "Personal Info" is optional
  5. Membership is optional but you might want to use the "Comments" box to make some notes
  6. Properties – set at least:
    • Login
    • Email
    • Choose group memberships from list
  7. Hit Save

You now have a basic member with no password. The best way to set a user password is to point your new member at and get them to follow the Remind me link to set their own password.

If you need to know how to 'secure' pages please read the "'Securing' pages and sections" page

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