'Securing' pages and sections

With Groups and Members set up you can 'secure' any page.

  1. Find the page you need to secure
  2. Right - click ⋯ to open the page menu
  3. Select "Public access"
  4. Switch to "Role based protection" & hit select

    public access type
  5. From the left Groups list select the Group(s) your page will be visible to & hit [>>]
    public access roles
  6. Choose the Login and Error pages (these should have been set up for each site - if not create them)
    public access login & error
  7. Hit Update
  8. The page and all children will only be visible to Members of the selected Groups and visitors will need a password to view

Setting up a "Login" page for your new sub-site

  1. From the site root create [⋯] a new page
    of "Login Page" type
  2. Normal tabs operate as other pages
  3. Switch to "Settings" to fully configure your login
    1. Select a "Registration page" - there will only be one of these for the system at content root
    2. Name it something like "Please login to continue"
    3. Configure the "Password Reset Token" email with
      • Sender (use donotreply@gloucestershire.gov.uk - if you use any other address test that you can receive a password reset email & it doesn’t get spam blocked)
      • Subject
      • Message - which must include
    4. Set the "Expiration" period in hours
    5. Configure the "Password Reset Notification" email
      • Sender: donotreply@ unless you test
      • Subject
      • Message - a reassuring message to let them know the reset has been processed
  4. Save and publish

Setting up an "Error" page

This is not a "404 not found" page

  1. From the site root create [⋯] a new page of "Access Denied Page" type
  2. Name it something like "You do not have permission to see this content"
  3. You can leave the user here or use the page content to offer them a way out with a link to the "Registration page"
  4. Save and publish


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