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Setting up Umbraco Users


(Quick version - refer to the cheat sheet for the full version)

  1. In "Users" on the tree create a user using their email address, make sure they are an "Editor"2 and save
  2. In "User permissions" on the tree
    • Select "Site" on the left
    • Select only "Browse" on the right (de-select anything already ticked) and "Replace child node permissions" and save
      This may take a while
  3. Find the appropriate nodes and select the following permissions plus "Replace child node permissions":
    • Audit Trail
    • Browse Node
    • Copy
    • Delete
    • Move
    • Create
    • Public access
    • Publish
    • Rollback
    • Send To Translation
    • Sort
    • Update
  4. Save and send details to the user – tell them to ask for a password reset to get going.
    The new user needs to:
    1. Open http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/umbraco
    2. Use the "Forgotten password" link to ask for reset instructions to be sent to the email you’ve just set up

The setup procedure is the same on Staffnet except you need to perform one extra task:

  • Once the user is set up, contact "ICT Service Desk" (email is simplest) and ask them to add the new user to the group: grp_Intranet_BackOffice_Editor

Instructions to the new Staffnet user

  1. Open http://staffnet.gloucestershire.gov.uk/umbraco
  2. Use the "Forgotten password" link to ask for reset instructions to be sent to the email you’ve just set up (you can use this as a temporary login)
  3. Once notified that you have been added to the editors' group you can set up AD FS
    1. Log In with your temporary password
    2. Open your profile using the at the top left of the editing screen
    3. In the menu panel click "Link your AD FS account"

2Editors or Writers

Most "Users" on Umbraco should be "Editors". If a particularly nervous or un-trusted user needs to update pages, you can create a "Writer" profile which would give them only "Send to publish" permissions and require and Administrator or other Editor to complete publishing any pages for them after checking their work


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