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Updating pages copied from the old site

These will need to be processed to ensure all links & downloads work.

There are three areas you will need to check:

  1. External links - these won't usually change but now is a good time to check anyway
  2. Internal links - pages will move, consolidate and possibly disappear during the update so you'll need to change these to link to the new pages
  3. Documents - we've uploaded almost all the files from the old system but you will need to find the new files and change the links

To make these changes you will need to use the "Insert/edit link" button.

Insert/edit/remove link buttons

External links

External links will normally not change when the page is copied to the new site.

Make sure they all work properly by testing each one to see if it is working and going to the correct place.

Internal links

(Also known as "related pages")

As we re-build the site the layout may change which, combined with the new link building method, will result in old gloucestershire.gov.uk URLs also changing.

Any pages copied across will link to the pages on the old site not the new pages. You will need to check each internal link on your copied page and find and link to the new page.

We will be transferring as many of the the old "Friendly URLs" as possible but this will take some time so link direct to the new page rather than using the Friendly URL.

Documents (PDFs, etc)

When you copy and paste your old text to the new site, the document links will appear to work but they also still point to the old site.

The trick when switching the link from the old site document to the new site document is to look in the [DUMP] folder for the sub-site using the old site's media ID as follows:

  • Edit the link and you should see something like "http://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=65959&p=0" in the "Link to document" box. The number after "id=" is the media ID you will need (65959 in the link above - select & copy it)
  • Use the "Link to file" button to open the media folders and find the appropriate [DUMP] folder - there is one for each sub-site
  • Each [DUMP] is split by file type with PDF, doc[x], xls[x], ppt[x] and "other" folders - open the appropriate folder
  • Once the file list is shown paste the media ID in the "Filter" box and you should now see just the file you need (you may see more than one but the file name includes the media ID so you will be able to select the correct file)
  • Select this file and click the "Select" button to change the document link to the new file

Now remember to save your changes

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