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Week 1 - Dispelling the myths

Week one focuses on dispelling the myths and will help you to better understand some of the common phrases that you may have heard recently.


Racism is the belief that some races are inferior to others, and the way people behave as a result of this belief. Racism is discrimination against an individual, or a group of individuals, based on their race. 

The history of racism in the UK is heavily linked to its relationship with its former colonies and citizens that made up the British Empire, many of whom settled in Great Britain, particularly following World War II.

“Not seeing race does little to dismantle racist structures or improve the lives of people of colour. In order to do so, we must see race. We must see who benefits from their race, who is affected by negative stereotyping of theirs, and on whom power and privilege is bestowed – not just because of their race, but also their class and gender. Seeing race is essential to changing the system.” Reni Eddo-Lodge, 2020

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