Armed Forces and Veterans healthcare

The partnership between the NHS and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has enabled the armed forces to provide modern and advanced clinical care, and give its medical staff the broadest and most up-to-date training and experience.

Medical services are delivered to servicemen and women by the MoD, the NHS, charities and welfare organisations.

The MoD is responsible for providing:

  • Primary care: such as general practice, dentistry, occupational medicine and community mental health services within the UK and at Defence outposts overseas.
  • Specialist healthcare: such as secondary care and rehabilitation through the Headley Court Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre.

Services are staffed by regular uniformed and reserve medical personnel from all 3 services: the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

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When you leave the Armed Forces you, and where appropriate, your families healthcare becomes the responsibility of the NHS. As part of the discharge process you will be issued an F Med 133 at your final medical. You must hand this in at your GP surgery when registering as this will be used to request your medical records from the MOD.

Forcesline is a free and confidential telephone helpline and email service for current and ex-service men and women from the Armed Forces and their families. If you're looking for help with your situation you can contact Forcesline for confidential and independent support on 0800 7314880

Local health services/information for veterans moving to or currently living in Gloucestershire

You will need to register with local health providers such as a doctor, dentist and optician.

Register as soon as possible so that there’s no break in any care and medication you’re getting from your military doctor.

Find a service near you:-

When you find a doctor and dentist near where you live, or will be living, contact them directly and ask for a new patient form. Make sure you let your new doctor know that you are a veteran.

Your pharmacist can help with minor illnesses and injuries, and advise you on the best over-the-counter medicines.

If after contacting several dental practices you still can't find a dentist accepting NHS patients, you should call NHS England's Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 2233.

The NHS recommends that you have an eye test every two years. Contact your local optician and book an eye test with them directly.

Out of hours - If you have a health problem at night or over a weekend, or if you aren’t yet registered with a doctor or dentist, there are 24 hour services you can use.

You can phone the NHS 111 service to get urgent medical advice at any time. An adviser will assess your situation and advise you what to do next.

You can go to a walk-in centre for issues like sprains, broken bones minor burns, infections and animal or insect bites. They deal with issues that probably won’t need hospital admission and you should get seen quicker than going to A&E.

NHS Dental Access Centre, 2 Kimbrose Way, Gloucester. Tel: 01452 380073

If the situation is life-threatening or may need a hospital admission go at once to A&E or call 999 for an ambulance, this includes, loss of consciousness, bleeding that can’t be stopped and persistent severe chest pain. Visit: NHS A&E Services to find your nearest A&E department.

Healthy Lifestyle Support:-

Veterans’ Gateway – Guidance Healthy Lifestyle Support

The First Point of Contact For Veterans Seeking Lifestyle Advice is the Veterans Gateway. Find Out More. Phone, E-mail or Chat Online With Advisors for Advice, Guidance or Support 24/7.

NHS Choices

NHS Choices website is the online gateway to the National Health Service in England, providing health and lifestyle advice, along with information about local services and the latest health news.

Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Provides joined up physical health, mental health and learning disability services.Edward Jenner Court, 1010 Pioneer Avenue, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, Gloucester, GL3 4AW Phone 0300 421 8100

New Healthy Lifestyle Service Available in Gloucestershire

For support to quit smoking, reduce drinking, eat more healthily, lose weight or be more active.

NHS One You

Small changes to areas like sleeping, drinking, eating and moving can help you to have a healthier lifestyle. Take the One You quiz to find out how healthy you are and where you can improve.

Support Line

Offers confidential emotional support to children, young adults and adults by telephone, email and post. Support Support Line works with callers to develop healthy, positive coping strategies, an inner feeling of strength and increased self esteem to encourage healing,recovery and moving forward with life. Contact details: Support Line, PO Box 2860, Romford, Essex, RM7 1JA Phone: 01708765200 Email:

Hearing and Visual Impaired Services:-

Chime Hearing

Chime is a social enterprise, who specialise solely in hearing. We are trying to raise awareness of hearing loss amongst Veterans and also the new government hearing fund available to veterans (Veterans Hearing Fund).

Blind Veterans UK
Support for anyone who has served in the Armed Forces, or who has done National Service, and who is now living with significant sight loss. Help in rebuilding lives after sight loss. Adult Physiotherapy Gloucestershire

"Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness or by developmental or other disability". (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy)Physiotherapists offer specialist assessment and treatment for a wide range of problems working with people to promote their own health and wellbeing. Edward Jenner Court, 1010 Pioneer Avenue, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, Gloucester, GL3 4AW. Telephone: 0300 421 8100

Mental health

NHS Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service

Are a dedicated local community based service for veterans and those transitioning out of the British armed forces with a discharge date. The service provides a range of treatment, from recognising the early signs of mental health problems and providing access to early support, to therapeutic treatment for complex mental health difficulties and psychological trauma. Where appropriate, help is also provided with other needs that may affect mental health and well-being, for example housing, finances and employment, reducing alcohol consumption, and social support.

NHS Veterans’ Mental Health Complex Treatment Service

NHS Veterans’ Mental Health Complex Treatment Service is an enhanced local community based service for ex-service personnel who have military attributable complex mental health problems that have not improved with earlier care and treatment.

The service provides intensive care and treatment that may include (but is not limited to) support for substance misuse, physical health, employment, accommodation, relationships and finances, as well as occupational and trauma focused therapies.

Getting help

Both of these services are available across England and are provided by specialists in mental health who have an expert understanding of the armed forces. They also help to manage care and support across other organisations. Families and carers can find it hard to cope when their loved ones aren’t well, so where appropriate, help may be provided to them too.

Access to both of these services is through the NHS Veterans’ Mental Health Transition, Intervention and Liaison Service. This can be done by contacting the service direct. In the South West of England service: call 0300 365 0300 or email alternatively this service can be accessed via a GP or military charity referral.

Mental health services for Veterans moving to or currently living in Gloucestershire

If you are concerned about any aspect of your mental health speak to a GP. This could be because you are:

  • feeling anxious
  • having trouble sleeping
  • feeling down or depressed
  • struggling with anger or aggression
  • starting to rely on alcohol or drugs.

Find a doctor near you.

It's important to register with an NHS GP and tell them you have served in the armed forces so, where appropriate, you can access these and other dedicated services for veterans.

To ensure you're getting the best care and treatment as a veteran, read top tips for veterans:

Your GP can help with advice, medication and can refer you to specialist services that can help you.

Let's Talk

If you are stressed, anxious or depressed? Let’s Talk can help. This service offers nursing and therapy in primary care to people older than 18 in Gloucestershire, with depression and/or anxiety. Let's Talk, Ambrose House, Meteor Court, Barnett Way, Barnwood, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL4 3GG Telephone: 0800 073 2200 Email:

Severn and Wye Recovery College

The Severn and Wye Recovery College delivers educational courses teaching people the skills, techniques and knowledge to recover from mental illness. Through our courses our students learn more about their condition and treatments, and gain the power and resilience to recover and stay well. C/0 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, Rikenel, Montpellier, Gloucester, GL1 1LY Telephone: 01452 894204 Email:

Future for Heroes

F4H is a charitable organisation designed specifically to offer support to service leavers and veterans who may find their transition to civilian life a challenge. Spouses/partners also may attend where appropriate. Phone 07702 596226 Email:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Some individuals suffering with mental health issues may develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Symptoms can include:

  • being constantly anxious
  • being unable to relax
  • vividly re-experiencing a traumatic event
  • avoiding anything that might trigger distressing memories or feelings
  • becoming socially isolated

PTSD can lead to problems in relationships and at work, including irritability, anger and substance misuse, particularly alcohol. While some symptoms, such as nightmares, are normal in the weeks following a traumatic event, symptoms that last longer than this can indicate a problem. Should this happen to you, it's important to seek the advice of your GP as soon as possible.

If you haven't already done so, register with a GP, tell them you served and are a veteran, and bring to their attention any health problems relating to your time in the armed forces.

PTSD Resolution

Providing counselling for former armed forces, reservists & families. 

Combat Stress

Combat Stress is the veteran’s mental health charity. They support anyone who has served and may be struggling mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks. Treatment is free of charge. Phone: 0800 138 1619 – 24 hour helpline Email:

Pheonix Heroes (PTSD Veteran Support)

Phoenix Heroes is a British Veteran and non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). We support our veterans and their families that are dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We do this by acting as a structured platform to place them on different community outdoor group activities, training courses and help them to gain employment. We are focused on helping the families of our veterans too, we feel that this is a very important factor of our support structure. Address : 2 Challenge Way, Barrack Street, Colchester, Essex CO1 2LY General Enquiries: +44 (0) 1206932488 Email:

National Veterans Mental Health Network

Ten ‘veterans teams’ have spent the last three years helping ex-Armed Forces personnel get mental healthcare quickly and easily. These NHS-funded teams, set up in 2010, see around 3,500 people a year and make sure veterans and their families get the right treatment – be that from a GP, hospital, mental health service or other charities. With the development of this National Veterans Mental Health Network, more mental health professionals within the NHS who understand the nature of service life are now able to support veterans in accessing the care and support they need. NHS England welcomes the opportunity to ensure no ex-serviceman or woman is disadvantaged and we continue to develop veteran-specific services. Further details can be found on NHS website.

Veterans and Reserves Mental Health Programme

Veterans who have had mental health issues post-Service are also able to get support through the Veterans and Reserves Mental Health Programme (VRMHP) based in Nottinghamshire. The Ministry of Defence runs this programme to support anyone who has served in the armed forces since 1982 and has mental health problems as a result. The programme can give you a full assessment, a diagnosis and advice about getting the right help and support. DCMH Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell, Nottingham NG9 5HA. Phone: 0800 032 6258 Email: Visit:

ICARUS Online Fears and Family Relationships.
A wide range of conventional Therapies, complimentary therapies in any required combination immediately and in real time 24/7 to help Service personnel and ex-service personnel to recover from the effects of Military Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress and any associated conditions. Phone: 0333 987 5055 Email:

Working Age Mental Health Liaison Team

Mental Health Liaison Teams are recognised and valuable services with specialist roles in helping to support people with mental health disorders in acute hospital settings. Mental Health Liaison Teams provide comprehensive services to inpatients of Cheltenham General Hospital (CGH), Gloucestershire Royal Hospital (GRH) and the Community Hospitals countywide. Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Great Western Road, Gloucester, GL1 3NN Telephone: 0300 422 5490


If you want to talk to someone in confidence about your mental health and wellbeing you can phone Samaritans. They can help if you feel suicidal, if you feel like you’re in a crisis situation or if you just need to talk to someone. Phone: 08457 90 90 90 – 24 hour helpline Email:

The Warrior Programme

The Warrior Programme is a 12 month structured support programme with an initial three/five day residential motivation and training programme for veterans and veteran’s families. The course is aimed at those who are feeling stuck, frustrated, guilty, angry and unsure; and are struggling with the transition to civilian life and beyond. The initial three/five day course provides free accommodation, food and training. The course itself teaches coping techniques and helps build resilience and self-confidence. For further information please contact the South West Area Co-Ordinator, Sean Gane direct on 07972 329457. Alternatively: 0808 801 0898 Email:

Hush Farms

Hush Farms provides time out in a rural environment for people who are going through a period of change or who want to learn new skills and gain confidence. Hush Farms is based in East Devon and works with veterans and their families. Phone: 01404 549515 Email:

Big White Wall

An anonymous online community where you can share your thoughts and worries, and access tools to help you work through difficult thoughts and anxieties. Veterans can use the site free of charge.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

CAMHS is used as a term for all services that work with children and young people who have difficulties with their emotional or behavioural wellbeing.

Gloucestershire Community Advice, Links & Mental Health Support Service (CALMHS)

CALMHS support people who are experiencing moderate to severe Mental Ill Health. The service can be tailored to help support an individual and to build on their strengths and to make a positive change. This can be achieved through;

  • Personal support plans
  • Access to information & advice
  • Signposting/reference to other services
  • 1:1 support with a Bridge Builder
  • Peer support
  • Befriending
  • Exploring opportunities to develop and learn new skills
  • By sharing existing skills with others, joining in with existing activities or just accessing some space to feel safe and be with other people who have had similar experiences.
  • Given space to talk and be listened to and to build new friendships with people who have similar interests.

CALMHS work with people experiencing Social Isolation, lack of motivation or difficulty coping with the stress and pressures of everyday life (this is not a complete list). The service is open to adults (18+) living in Gloucestershire and those making transition from young peoples to adult services. You must be registered with a Gloucestershire GP.

Service Locations:-


Injury and mobility

Help for Heroes - Recovery center

Help for Heroes provides practical help and advice for wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans.

Council Disabled Facilities Grant

A disabled facilities grant helps towards the cost of providing adaptations and facilities which make a disabled person safer and more mobile within their home. These grants are given by the council under Part 1 of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. The grant applicant must be the owner or tenant of a house, flat or mobile home and will not necessarily be the disabled person for whom the works are required.

Grant assistance can only be considered once the council has received a referral from an Occupational Therapist. For this reason the first step to making a grant application is to phone 01452 426868 or contact Gloucestershire social services and ask that the disabled person is assessed by an Occupational Therapist to see if they think adaptations would be necessary to meet the disabled person’s needs.

If your claim for a Disabled Facilities Grant is unsuccessful you may be able to get help from the Royal British Legion. Visit: Britishlegionadaptions

Mobility aids & equipment grants

The British Legion is able to support you to gain access to services or assistance that could provide you with things like mobility scooters or stair lifts. Friendly helpline operators are ready to talk to you. You can call them on 0808 802 8080, or email Alternatively, visit their website.

Royal British Legion care phones

If you live alone and are worried about falling, or if you have recently left hospital and are worried about moving around with an injury or disability, RBL can install a care phone to alert someone if you need help free of charge.

Adaptations to your home

If you, or a member of your family, are having difficulty getting around your home due to a physical disability, sensory impairment or old age, you can request an occupational therapy (OT) assessment from Adult Social Care to assess your needs which may result in suggesting different techniques, advice, or the provision of equipment or adaptations to enable you to live independently. Contact the Adult Helpdesk on 01452 426868 to find out how they can help you and to request an assessment

How to apply

If you have not been in contact before, or if it has been some time since you have been assessed, please contact Adult Social Care in the first instance. The helpdesk can discuss the referral and assessment process with you. We are open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. All referrals to the OT service are prioritised according to county guidelines. The council will meet the needs of service users as defined in The Care Act 2014.

What can I expect from the assessment?

The OT service will work with you to identify what issues are important to you. They will:

  • Help you to achieve a balance between your self-care, work and leisure activities.
  • Advise you on suitable housing and ways of adapting your home to meet your needs.
  • Help you to remain at home for as long as you are able to do so.
  • Make the best use of the money we have available.
  • Offer advice on benefits you may be entitled to.

Further advice about home adaptations

You can find further information and advice on aids and adaptations that are available on the website.

Is there a charge for equipment and adaptations?

The assessment and advice is free and some items of equipment and adaptations may also be free. However, if your assessment suggests that you need extensive adaptations which are not funded by supported living, they may be subject to a means test. You will be advised of this during your assessment.


Support Services:-

Blesma, The Limbless Veterans

Since 1932, Blesma has been the only Armed Forces charity that supports limbless veterans for the duration of their lives. They help all wounded servicemen and women who have lost limbs, the use of limbs or eyes, to rebuild their lives by providing rehabilitation activities and welfare support. Blesma, The Limbless Veterans, Frankland Moore House, 185-187 High Road, Chadwell Heath, Romford, RM6 6NA Telephone: 020 8590 1124 Email:

Blind Veterans UK

Support for anyone who has served in the Armed Forces, or who has done National Service, and who is now living with significant sight loss. Blind Veterans UK provide vision impaired Armed Forces and National Service Veterans with the person-centred services and tailored support they need to discover life beyond sight loss. Help in rebuilding lives after sight loss. Tel: 020 7723 5021

Help for Heroes offer the next stage of care after clinical treatment. They aim to ‘inspire, enable and support’ injured or sick men and women to piece their lives back together. They do this through life skills courses, education and training for employment, welfare support and physical activity. Tel: 0845 673 1760

Action on hearing Loss

Are you an older veteran living with hearing loss or tinnitus? We can offer practical support and information to help. Our Aged Veterans project offers information and support to older veterans with hearing loss or tinnitus, and their families and carers, across England and Wales. The project focuses on supporting veterans born before 1 January 1950, but we will assist all veterans who contact us. Our aim is to help older veterans with hearing difficulties access local support services and, as a result, feel better able to connect with their families, friends and communities. Contact Details Phone: 02920 333 034 - Charis Moon Email: Twitter: @hearinglosscym

Independent living

Where can you find out about services available?

There are a wide range of facilities you can access in your local community through your nearest Extra Care Housing centres. Have a look at the map to find out where these centres are (PDF, 912 KB)

Gloucestershire Care and Support Guide

This guide has been produced to help people in Gloucestershire find out about the services which are available in our area, and which could help you to live happily and safely at home for as long as possible. Here you will find lots of options to look at; whatever your individual needs may be, along with information and advice which will help you to make the right decisions for you.

Band of Brothers – Help for Heroes

Band of Brothers provides support to anyone who has had an injury or illness related to their service. Members can receive welfare support and may be eligible for financial support, as well as offers of hospitality, employment, holidays and much more. Band of Brothers enables you to participate in a wide range of new and exciting activities in a fun and supportive environment.

Help with mobility – SSAFA

SSAFA volunteers can help you to apply for financial help to fund mobility equipment such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs or recliner chairs.


Physiotherapists use movement and exercise to help when you’ve been affected by injury, illness or disability. The treatment takes into account your current level of health and your specific requirements.

Lifeways Community Care (Gloucestershire)

At Lifeways Gloucestershire area office we assist people with a range of needs to live independently and safely in their own home – supporting them to access the social, leisure, education, training, voluntary work and employment opportunities and activities open to all members of the community. Our community care provides supported living, residential, respite and outreach services in Gloucestershire. We offer our services to those under 65 years of age. Lifeways Community care, Prospect House, Suite 3, Bath Road Trading Estate, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 3QF. Telephone: 01453 766441 Email:

Gloucestershire Shared Lives (supported living)

Share Lives is a service where someone with assessed needs ged 18 and over can be supported for a few hours, a few days or on a longer term basis with a Shared Lives carer and their family in their home as part of the family. Gloucestershire Shared Lives Scheme, Shire Hall, Gloucester. GL1 2TG Telephone: 01452 426237 Email:

Drugs and alcohol

If you think that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs there is help available.

Find help in Gloucestershire: Gloucestershire.gcc/drugandalcoholservices

You may also be able to get free counselling services. Speak to your GP about talking therapies which may be available to help you. Visit: gloucestershire.gcc/talkingtherapies

Find a local doctor: gloucestershire.gcc/gpingloucestershire

If you would like to organise your own counselling support, The Counselling Directory lists professionals who provide talking therapy services in Gloucestershire.

CGL Gloucestershire (drug and alcohol service)

CGL Gloucestershire is a free and confidential drug and alcohol service for adults (including offenders), families, carers and affected others. We provide information, support, advice and treatment options from three main hubs across the county - Cheltenham, Gloucester and Stroud. We also work from a range of other locations including pharmacies and community venues. Gloucester Hub, Imperial Chambers, 41-43 Longsmith Street, Gloucester, GL1 2HT Telephone: 01452 223014

NHS information

Excessive drinking, reducing your alcohol intake and finding help and support.


Drug taking, getting help and support and understanding the effects of drugs.


Addiction, their effects and ways to get help. Visit:

Other support services

Alcoholics Anonymous

A fellowship of adults who share their experience and support to help each other combat alcoholism. Visit the AA website to find local groups in Gloucestershire. Phone: 0800 9177 650 – national helpline Email:

Alcohol Concern

Alcohol Concern has information about the effects of drinking and links to services to support people who want to reduce their drinking.


Addaction is a drug and alcohol treatment charity. Go to their website to find out what they do and what are services are available.

Drink Line

Supports servicemen and women and civilians with drink, drug related issues. Drink Lines provides a confidential helpline (open Mon-Fri 9 am 8 pm, weekends 11 am- 4pm) that can help callers who are worried about their drinking and concerned family members of people who are drinking. Contact details: Phone: 0800 917 8282 Helpline: 0300 123 1110


Drinkaware has useful advice about managing drinking, including a self-assessment tool and an app that can track your alcohol intake.


Change4Life provides clear health advice for everyone. Use their drinks checker to see if you’re drinking too much and then follow their tips to cut down.

Narcotics Anonymous (AN)

Narcotics anonymous is a fellowship of recovering addicts who support each other to stay clean.


Drugscope has useful information about drug addiction, different types of drugs and their effects on the body.

Stop Smoking

The new Gloucestershire healthy lifestyles service offers support to help people to stop smoking. People who need support are offered group and individual support, with more intensive one-to-one support available for those who need it. You can also get more information on the support available from Gloucestershire Healthy Lifestyles Service by calling 0800 122 3788 or visiting the Healthy Lifestyles website

Sexual health

Sexual health incorporates advice and services for:

  • relationships
  • contraception
  • abortion
  • sexually transmitted infections, including HIV

National Sexual Health Helpline

Talking about sex doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think.

Whether it’s knowing about your contraceptive choices, explaining STIs, coping with emotions or understanding your body, you'll find straightforward information and advice to make it easier to discuss everything to do with sexual health, right here. All calls will be treated with sensitivity and in the strictest confidence. Telephone 0300 123 7123

Local contraception and sexual health clinics:-

Provides sexual health service care across the county including, screening, advice, treatment and support for a wide range of sexual health needs. The service now operates a telephone triage system to help ensure people get directed to the right point of care for their needs. Hope House, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Great Western Road, Gloucester, GL1 3NN (directions displayed on map) Telephone 0300 421 6500

The Milson Centre, 8 Milsom Street, Cheltenham, GL50 4BA (directions displayed on map) Telephone 0300 421 6500

Beeches Green Health Centre, Stroud, GL5 4BH (directions displayed on map) Telephone 0300 421 6500. Self referral or via GP; phone between 9:00am and 5:00pm, or during clinic hours

Outpatient Department, Tewkesbury Hospital, Barton Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 5QN (directions displayed on map) Telephone: 0300 421 6500

Cirencester Hospital, The Querns Suite, Tetbury Road, Cirencester, GL7 1UY (directions displayed on map) Telephone: 0300 421 6500 Self referral or via GP; phone to make an appointment

Coleford Health Centre, Railway Drive, Coleford, GL16 8RH (directions displayed on map) Telephone: 0300 421 6500 Self referral - contact the Department on 0300-421-6500

Gloucestershire Emergency Contraception Services

If someone has had sex without using contraception or they think their method might have failed there are two emergency contraception methods they can use that can help prevent pregnancy. It is really important that you get emergency contraception as soon as possible as it works best to stop pregnancy the sooner it is taken. Catering for: Young people aged 14 and over.

Emergency Hormonal Contraception (‘morning after pill’)

Some pharmacies offer FREE emergency contraception to those under the age of 25 following a short consultation. It is a good idea to ring ahead and check that there is someone there who can help you.


The intrauterine device (IUD) is a copper coil which is a small, flexible contraceptive device fitted into the uterus. It is the most effective emergency contraceptive and you can choose to have the IUD left in as an ongoing method of contraception. IUDs are available from Sexual Health Services or your GP.


Call in or phone the pharmacy of your choice. Contact details for local pharmacies can be found here:

Your GP

Many GP practices offer a full range of contraception, including the contraceptive coil and contraceptive implant, as well as chlamydia screening for young people.

Find your local doctor: gloucestershire.gcc/gpgloucestershire

Chlamydia screening

If you’re under 24 years old you can get free Chlamydia screening. Find out how to get a free test through the post or where in Gloucestershire you can collect one. Visit:

Support for people affected by HIV

The Eddystone Trust is an independent organisation providing information and support for anyone affected by HIV across the South West. Some services also relate to wider sexual health. Visit:

NHS information

NHS Choices has useful and detailed information on:


NHS England » Dementia

Dementia is a growing challenge. As the population ages and people live for longer, it has become one of the most important health and care issues facing the world. In England it is estimated that around 676,000 people have dementia. In the whole of the UK, the number of people with dementia is estimated at 850,000. Dementia is a common condition. Your risk of developing dementia increases as you get older, and the condition usually occurs in people over the age of 65. Find out more about memory problems and dementia on the NHS Foundation Trust website

Veteransgateway Dementia advice

Dementia is a common condition, and as you get older, your risk of developing the condition increases. Memory loss is normal as you get older, but if it begins to affect your daily life or it worries you, you should contact your GP for advice.

The Dementia guide | Alzheimer's Society

The dementia guide is for anyone who has recently been told they have dementia and provides information about dementia and the treatments, support and services that are available. You'll find information about how you can live as well as possible with dementia and about making plans for the future.

You can also visit the NHS Choices, which provides comprehensive information about dementia, as well as support for those caring for people with dementia.

Admiral Nurses a scheme, provided by the Royal British Legion to support the carers of ex-Service beneficiaries who have dementia. The service aims to improve the quality of life and increase the independence of carers and families by providing practical advice. The Royal British Legion also offer specialised dementia care in their care homes.& Memory Assessment Service

Managing Memory Together Gloucestershire provides a memory assessment, community dementia nurse and information and education service for Gloucestershire for people worried about memory, people with dementia and carers of people with dementia. The service offers a single point of contact on 0800 694 8800 or email.

Local dementia services

Gloucestershire Dementia Adviser Service

The Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Adviser Service provides tailor-made information, advice, guidance and signposting to anyone over the age of eighteen with a diagnosis of memory loss / dementia living in Gloucestershire and their carers or people who support them. The Dementia Adviser (DA) will provide a named contact to the person with memory loss/dementia, and their carers /supporters, throughout their journey with dementia. DA's are knowledgeable about all aspects of living with dementia and can direct people to a range of local services. They will work with the person and their carer's/supporters to identify their individual needs, provide them with the right information at the right time and signpost or refer them to appropriate services to ensure they have the help, care and support they need. Contact Nicola Everleigh Telephone: 01452 525222 Email:

Gloucestershire Young Onset Dementia Group (YODA)

Gloucestershire Young Onset Dementia Group (YODA) is a support service for working age adults with dementia as well as their family and Carers. The peer support group gives you the opportunity to meet with others who understand some of what you are going through. The group is run by a facilitator; the sessions offer a chance for people affected by dementia.
Gloucester Farmer's Club, Greville Close, Sandhurst Lane, Gloucester, GL2 9RG
(directions displayed on map) Telephone: 01452 525 222


Guideposts Gloucester Lunch Club (Carers and Dementia Support) (View on map)

The Guideposts Lunch Club meets fortnightly from 11am-2pm, and offers a warm, supportive, social environment for carers and the person they care for who is living with Dementia or related conditions. It is a place where carers can access support, information and a short respite break, and where everybody can:

  • Make friends and socialise
  • Enjoy a two course meal and refreshments
  • Engage in memory reminiscence, entertainment or activities (optional)
  • Listen to guest speakers
  • Attend outings

Venue: St. Peter's Social Club, Black Dog Way, Gloucester, GL1 3EX Contact on 01993 893560 or 07850 204910 email: or or alternatively phone 01452 529697

Community Dementia Nurse Service

Community Dementia Nurses (CDNs) are nurses who are experienced in working with people with dementia and their families. If difficulties arise in managing the condition a CDN can arrange to meet with you to assess the situation and to develop a plan with you to assess the situation and to develop a plan with you to address issues and any immediate care needs. CDN’s also provide support to GP practices in the diagnosis, management and treatment of dementia. Part of the CDN role is also to provide annual reviews of dementia medications. Managing Memory 2gether, Charlton Lane Centre, Charlton Lane, Cheltenham, GL53 9DZ (directions displayed on map) Telephone: 0800 694 8800 Email:

Contented Dementia Trust

The Contented Dementia Trust is a highly innovative charity based in Burford in Oxfordshire. Our core principle is the crucial understanding that Alzheimer's disease does not affect a person's ability to reason, nor does it affect the ability to experience or show emotion. The Trust promotes its approach through specialist training and support, both to family and friends of people with dementia and also to the whole spectrum of professionals. Contented Dementia Trust, The Old Hospital, Sheep Street, Burford, Oxfordshire, OX18 4LS Email:

Living well at home with dementia - Age UK Gloucestershire

The Dementia Project approach is to work alongside those living with dementia to identify, create and deliver strength based solutions that will empower and enable people to live well and as independently as possible within their own homes. In addition, the service will also be proactive in promoting a positive approach to healthy ageing. Telephone: 01452 420937 or 420928 Email:

The Kimbrose Club - Gloucester Charities Trust

The Kimbrose Club is a warm and welcoming place for older people with dementia and memory loss to meet with other people their own age. The club runs within a fun and friendly atmosphere, where members are encouraged to have active involvement in our activities. St. Margaret's, London Road, Gloucester, GL1 3PH Telephone: 01452 414659 Email:

Dementia UK

Offer specialist one-to-one support and expert advice for people living with dementia through our world-class Admiral Nurses, who work hand in hand with families, helping them cope with the fear, uncertainty and difficult everyday reality of dementia. In providing the compassionate, expert support families need every step of the way; they help them to live more positively with dementia in the present and to face the challenges of tomorrow with more confidence and less fear. 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA Telephone: 0800 888 6678

Use the Dementia Directory to find local support services for people with dementia and their carers near you.

Local Alzheimer’s services

Alzheimer’s Society Directions Group

The Alzheimer's Society Directions Group is a support group for carers of people with dementia who are now living in residential care. We meet at The Whittle Pub, Gloucester on the second Monday of each month, from 11:30am to 1:30pm (with an optional lunch). The Whittle Pub, Gloucester Business Park, Whittle Way, Gloucester, GL3 4BJ (directions displayed on map) Telephone: 01452 525222 Email:

Alzheimer's Society Art Group

A group for people with dementia and a carer to enjoy a variety of art forms including drawing, painting, collage and printing. No experience required! The Art Group is held fortnightly on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning from 10:30am to 12:30pm - please ring for availability and dates. Gloucester Resource Centre, City Works, Alfred Street, Gloucester, GL1 4DF Telephone: 01452 525222 Email:

Other Local Alzheimer services including:-

  • Memory Café’s - for people with dementia and their families and friends to attend in Gloucestershire. They offer an informal and relaxed cafe environment in which to meet with health and care professionals and meet other people in a similar situation
  • Society Singing for the Brain - regular groups which provide an enjoyable and stimulating environment helping the brain through fun and the exercise of singing. Singing can also provide a way for people with dementia and their carers to express themselves and socialise with others in a fun and supportive group
  • Alzheimer's Society's monthly Afternoon Teagroups - with music and refreshments for people with dementia and their families, friends and carers.

Can be found by visiting Website.

Domestic abuse

If you are in immediate danger call 999 now.

There are a range of services across Gloucestershire to support people who are affected by domestic violence and abuse. Apart from when reporting to Gloucestershire Police, you do not have to give your name or contact details to any agency.

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) between adults who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Who can help?

If you don’t tell anyone about the abuse then chances are it will continue and get worse over time. By telling someone, a friend, family member or one of the organisations listed in this directory, you will be able to start protecting yourself and your children.

A concerned family or friend?

It can be difficult to know what to do if you suspect a friend or neighbour is a victim of domestic abuse. Advice on how to help and support a friend is available from Women’s aid and MankKind Intiative.

24-hour National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline

The Freephone 24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline, run in partnership between Women's Aid and Refuge, is a national service for women experiencing domestic violence, their family, friends, colleagues and others calling on their behalf.

The Helpline can give support, help and information over the telephone, wherever the caller might be in the country. The Helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by fully trained female helpline support workers and volunteers. All calls are completely confidential. Translation facilities for callers whose first language is not English and a service for callers who are deaf or hard of hearing are available.

The Helpline is available for:-

  • Women and children experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic violence
  • Friends and family seeking to support women and children who are experiencing, or who have experienced, domestic violence
  • Professionals’ supporting women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Telephone Helpline 0808 2000 247 Email:

Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse and Support Service (GDASS)

Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service (GDASS) is a county-wide service designed to reduce the level of domestic abuse and improve the safety of victims and their families.
Telephone: 01452 726570 Email:

Army Welfare Service – Intake & Assessment Team (IAT)

Personal support staff provide accessible, independent, confidential and professional specialist welfare services to serving soldiers and their families with any personal or family difficulty.

Services the team provides: Domestic Abuse, Child and Adult Safeguarding, Bereavement, Relationship difficulties, Stress and Anxiety management, Emotional Wellbeing, signposting.

Phone:- 01904 882053 or 882054

The ManKind Initiative

The first charity in Great Britain to support male victims of domestic abuse (registered in 2001). For over 15 years The ManKind initiative have been at the forefront of providing services and support for male victims and campaigning to ensure that male victims receive the support they need from other organisations. ManKind, Flook House, Belvedere Road, Taunton, TA1 1BT
Telephone: 01823 334244

Gloucester City Council (Housing Services)

The Gloucester City Council (Housing Services) can give advice and assistance to anyone who is homeless or threatened with homelessness (e.g. victims of domestic violence, other violence, legal action, notice to quit, mortgage arrears). Temporary accommodation may be arranged for certain homeless clients. Herbert Warehouse, The Docks, Gloucester, GL1 2EQ Telephone: 01452 396396 Email:

Men's Advice Line – Respect

Men’s Advice Line: a confidential helpline for any man experiencing domestic violence and abuse from a partner (or ex-partner). A team of skilled professionals offer practical advice, information and emotional support to male victims of domestic violence, as well as to concerned friends and family and frontline workers. Helplines Telephone: 0808 801 0327 Email:


At Refuge (in partnership with Women's Aid Federation of England) we offer a twenty four hour freephone National Domestic Violence Helpline, offering access to Language Line and Type talk, we provide emotional support, information and practical help to women and their children experiencing domestic violence including, where appropriate, referral to a refuge.
Telephone: 0808 2000 247

Respect Phone line

A confidential and anonymous helpline for anyone concerned about their violence and/or abuse towards a partner or ex-partner. We are a team of skilled professionals offering advice, information and support to domestic violence perpetrators, as well as to their (ex) partners and frontline workers. Helplines Telephone: 0808 802 4040 Email:

Stroud Women's Refuge

Stroud Beresford Group is an independent charity that provides a range of services relating to domestic abuse. We provide Gloucestershire’s only women’s refuge and offer support to adults, children and outreach (community-based) services. We also deliver a range of workshops, courses and training relating to healthy relationships, domestic abuse awareness and supporting children affected by domestic abuse. Stroud Beresford Limited, PO Box 35, Stroud, GL5 1YL Telephone: 01453 764385 Email:

Positive Relationships Gloucestershire (PRG)

This is a service for men and women aged 18 and over, living in Gloucestershire, who want to make positive changes to improve relationships with their partner, ex-partner or future partners. Domestic Abuse is defined as physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial, violent or abusive behaviour used to control or dominate someone they are, or have been in a relationship with. Phone: 01242 226150 or Email:

Women's Aid

Women's Aid is the national domestic violence charity which co-ordinates and supports an England-wide network of over three hundred local projects, providing over five hundred refuges, helplines, outreach services and advice centres. Our work is built on years of campaigning and developing new responses to domestic violence. Our freephone helpline is available 24 hours a day and is run in partnership with Refuge. Associations and National Organisations Box 3245, Bristol, BS2 2EH Telephone: 0808 2000 247


Is an independent charity that gives you the power to speak up to stop crime, 100% anonymously. Whoever you are, wherever you live, from communities to companies. Telephone: 0800 555 111

Respect Phoneline

A confidential and anonymous helpline for anyone concerned about their violence and/or abuse towards a partner or ex-partner. We are a team of skilled professionals offering advice, information and support to domestic violence perpetrators, as well as to their (ex) partners and frontline workers. Telephone: 0808 802 4040 Email:

More Domestic Abuse services can be found on the website

Useful links

The useful links section will enable you to access other websites providing relevant information and support:-

National Helplines:-

  • National Women’s Aid
  • Phone: 0808 2000 247 for women experiencing domestic violence
  • Men’s Advice Line
  • Phone: 0808 801 0327 for men experiencing domestic violence and abuse
  • Samaritans
  • Phone: 08457 909090 for emotional support in a crisis
  • Shelterline
  • Phone: 0808 800 4444 National Housing Advice Line
  • Childline
  • Phone: 0800 1111 for children and young people in distress
  • Phone: 0808 800 5000 for anyone concerned about a child

Sexual violence

If you are in immediate danger call 999 now

Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual act or activity. Sexual violence can be perpetrated by a complete stranger, or by someone known and even trusted, such as a friend, colleague, family member, partner or ex-partner. Sexual violence can happen to anyone. If you have been raped or sexually assaulted recently, help is available.

Rape Crisis Helpline

Providing specialist, independent and confidential services, Rape Crisis promotes the rights of women who have experienced sexual abuse. Phone: 0808 802 9999 Lines are open 7 days a week between 12 noon–2.30pm and 7pm–9.30pm
Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (GLOSRASAC)

GRASAC provides free and confidential emotional and practical support to victims and survivors affected by any form of sexual violence. The service includes a confidential helpline, anonymous email support, one-to-one support sessions, advocacy, group support including family and friends and rural outreach support. PO Box 16, Gloucester GL4 ORU Helpline 01452 526770 General enquiries 01452 305421 Email

Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) - Hope House

Hope House SARC is a ‘Sexual Assault Referral Centre’ (SARC). We offer medical care, emotional and psychological support, and practical help to anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted. We also offer information and advice to friends and family if someone you care about has been affected by sexual assault. Hope House, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, Great Western Road, Gloucester, GL1 3NN Telephone: 0300 421 8400 Email:

Stroud Women's Refuge

Stroud Beresford Group is an independent charity that provides a range of services relating to domestic abuse. We provide Gloucestershire’s only women’s refuge and offer support to adults, children and outreach (community-based) services. We also deliver a range of workshops, courses and training relating to healthy relationships, domestic abuse awareness and supporting children affected by domestic abuse. Stroud Beresford Limited, PO Box 35, Stroud, GL5 1YL Telephone: 01453 764385 Email:

Rape Crisis (England and Wales)

Rape Crisis England & Wales (RCEW) is a feminist organisation that supports the work of Rape Crisis Centres across England and Wales. We also raise awareness and understanding of sexual violence and abuse in all its forms. We are the national umbrella body for our network of automous member Rape Crisis Centres across England and Wales. We exist to improve services and promote the needs and rights of women and girls who have experienced sexual abuse, rape and all forms of sexual violence. Rape Crisis England & Wales, Suite E4, Josephs Well, Hanover Walk, Leeds, LS3 1AB Telephone: 0808 802 9999

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) is the UK’s leading national charity offering support to adult survivors of all types of childhood abuse, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect. NAPAC, Can Mezzanine, 7-14 Great Dover St, London, SE1 4YR Telephone: 0808 801 0331

Survivors UK

If you want to talk about male rape or the sexual abuse of men, we’ve had over thirty years of listening and helping & - both to victims/survivors and their friends and family. We talk to thousands of people every year. We provide web chat and SMS/text chat services. 11 Sovereign Close, London, E1W 3HW Telephone: 020 3598 3898 Email:

Victim Support

This service offers support for both male and female victims of rape and sexual assault. Phone: 0845 30 30 900

For more services including:-

  • Gloucestershire Contraception and Sexual Health Clinics
  • Emergency Contraception services
  • HIV Testing

Visit for more information

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