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Welcome to Gloucestershire. We are sorry that you have come to our county under such difficult circumstances, but we are pleased to welcome you here and to provide a safe place for you and your family.

This guide provides information for guests arriving under the Homes for Ukraine scheme and is provided by Gloucestershire’s Housing Partnership.  

The Housing Partnership brings together Gloucestershire’s County Council (roughly equivalent to an oblast in Ukraine); the six District Councils (roughly equivalent to a raion in Ukraine); and the National Health Service (NHS). We are also partnering with Gloucestershire Action on Refugees and Asylum Seekers (GARAS).  

GARAS is a local charity with a huge amount of experience helping those who have come to the UK due to war at home to make sense of life here: whether it is for just a short time or longer. In future, we will ensure you have a named support worker at GARAS who can provide you with any support you might need: however, it will take time for GARAS to recruit the skilled staff they need to do this.  

Our priority is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for you and your children for as long as you stay. If at any point you feel unsafe it is important you let us know or call the Police in an emergency. We are here to help. There is information on how to get in touch in this guide, and your visa will not be affected if you contact us because you are feeling unsafe.  

This guide provides information on the types of things you will want to do over the coming weeks and the types of support available to you. It is in addition to the national government’s Welcome Guide, which you should also read, and explains more about life in the UK in general: including important laws and the rights you have while you are here.

There is a lot of information here. You do not need to do or learn everything at once, but the pack should help to find information when you need it. Your Sponsor should also be able to help you get to know the local area and to support you in accessing local services, like schools and medical care. Gloucestershire also has an existing community of British-Ukrainians who would love to welcome you to the county and help you to adapt in whatever way they can. 

All NHS and Gloucestershire County council services mentioned on this page have access to translation services.

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