Welcome to Gloucestershire - useful information

Shortly after you arrive, you will receive a visit from our Welcome Team. This will be from someone who works for the council or for GARAS. This is nothing to worry about. We will mainly be interested in checking that you have arrived safely and to speak to you about any specialist services you need straight away.

If you need immediate medical advice or care, then you should not wait for this visit. You can call 111 for advice, or 999 if there is an emergency. Both numbers are free to call from any phone and have interpreter services available.  

The Welcome Team will also give you:

  • a card with £200 per person which you will be able to use in shops or online until you get a bank account setup. This is for you to use as you wish. You will not need to pay it back;
  • a device so that you can shut your bedroom door from the inside if you want to. We have no reason to think that you are unsafe, but we know that it can be important to feel you have a way of locking your bedroom door and are giving it to everyone; and
  • some basic sanitary products just in case you need them and don’t feel too comfortable about asking your Sponsor to get these for you.

During the welcome visit, the visitor will ask to speak to you and your family alone. They will also ask to speak to your sponsor alone. This is just to give you an opportunity to speak about anything you are worried about privately and in confidence.  

Proof of address

If you need proof of address to register for any services like doctors or schools please contact the Homes for Ukraine team by email hfu@gloucestershire.gov.uk and they will be able to help you.

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