Grammar schools

There are seven grammar schools in the county. Admission to Year 7 is competitive and the entrance examination will be held in September at each school for entry the following academic year.

Online registration period for grammar entrance test was open from Wednesday 1 June to 4pm on Friday 1 July 2016. This has now closed. Please contact grammar schools for information regarding late testing arrangements.

Please visit the school websites for contact details and to find out about testing arrangements, admission and open days.

Parents moving into the area who wish their child to be considered for admission to a grammar school for Years 7-11 should contact the relevant school.




In addition to submitting the Common Application Form, you should have already to registered for your child to sit the Grammar Schools' Entrance Test 'Entrance Test' for the Gloucestershire grammar schools/academies.

If you have registered please be aware that there may be limited testing places as some Test Centres and your child may need to sit the test at an alternative venue. Please see the 'Gloucestershire Grammar Schools' Admission Information' booklet for Year 7 Entry in September 2017 for full details (available on the schools' websites).

The Grammar Registration Form gave you the option to state which of the grammar schools/academies in Gloucestershire you would like your child's results to be shared with i.e. 'share schools'; your child's results will only be shared with the grammar schools/academies you list as share schools at the point of registration.

You can state any number of share schools for the gender appropriate grammar schools/academies - one, two, three or all four options. One of your choices must be the Preferred Test Centre but requests for shares are not in preference order.Once your application is submitted changes to your Preferred Test Centre are not permitted, however, your Preferred Test Centre will be allocated providing capacity allows.

You should have already registered to take the grammar test for September 2017 entry. If you have not registered then your child will be unable to sit the test on Saturday 10 September 2016.

All grammar schools/academies in Gloucestershire follow an agreed procedure for children with special educational needs or disabilities. If you want further information you can access the procedure on our website or contact the school/academy directly.

The Entrance Test will take place on the morning of Saturday 10 September 2016 at all of the grammar schools/ academies across the county. The same test, administered in the same way will be replicated across all venues. Once you have registered for the Entrance Test, you will be sent information nearer the testing day regarding the arrangements at your allocated Test Centre. This will be by Tuesday 6th September 2016 at the very latest.

If you have registered on-line you can choose to receive your results by e-mail or post. Results will be sent over the weekend to arrive by Monday 10 October 2016 at the latest informing you if your child has reached the required standard for entry into the schools/academies.

You should receive one letter or e-mail from each grammar school/academy you have requested to share results with. The letters/e-mails will help you with your decision as to whether to apply for a grammar school/academy before you finally submit the Common Application Form by giving you the ranking achieved for each school/academy along with the number of pupils that can be admitted in September 2016.

Please note: You will only receive results from the grammar schools/academies you have asked for your child's result to be shared with at the time of registration. You should be aware that achieving the qualifying standard does not necessarily guarantee entry into your preferred grammar school/academy.

If your child is ill on the day of the test or is unable to make the test date of Saturday 10 September 2016, you will need to contact the school where your child will be sitting the entrance test as soon as possible.

Please note that you must also submit the Secondary school transfer Common Application Form by the closing date of 31 October 2016 - this is where you order your schools (including grammar and non-grammar schools/academies) in preference order.


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