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Meet our colleagues

Our colleagues share why they love working for Gloucestershire Children's Services

Social work is the best job in the world!

I enjoy working in Gloucestershire because I have stable management and senior management around me. I enjoy working with a range of families with varying issues.

Social Work is the best job in the world! Everyday is different and you meet some amazing children. Gloucestershire is a great place to work as although we are broken into localities we are one authority, working together to improve outcomes for children. Gloucestershire recognises previous errors and reflects on how to improve practice and the service provided to children and families.

Frontline helps us grow our own, excellent social workers

I have regular supervision with management and my Head of Service has a real open door policy. Our Head of Service takes the time to get to know staff and I know I could talk to her if I needed to. The academy regularly offers training and there is also training we can access as a result of our links to Frontline.

Not all local authorities have a Frontline Team and this enables us to grow our own, excellent social workers and also provides job and progression opportunities for staff. 

Supportive team and healthy challenge

My team is very supportive of one another and are keen to help each other out. I have stable, permanent management and senior management and this allows for the development of professional relationships as well as healthy challenge between us.

I love where I live

I moved to be closer to the office after gaining a permanent role here in 2018. I love where I live, I am close enough to work but far enough away to have my own privacy and be away from the local area where a number of families live. This is a positive of Gloucestershire in that there are lots of little areas to live.

From student social worker to supporting frontline students

I started as a student social worker January 18 and got a job as an ASYE in September 18. Since then I have progressed and became a senior SW and completed my PEPS training in 2021, meaning I have now had 2 students of my own to train up. I am also the deputy consultant social worker supporting the frontline students.

Perfect balance of life and work

My manager is very flexible with this, as long as I ensure my work is completed. My manager will support me to take breaks when working at home and in the office and I currently feel I have the perfect balance of both.

The job is amazing

When people make huge changes for their children, the job is amazing and you will always remember those families. When people aren’t able to make those changes but you are able to get a child into a safe, nurturing environment and watch them thrive, the job is just as brilliant.

Tell us why you work for GCC?

It has to be the management and the supportive, friendly culture of the office.

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