A435 Charlton Hill Landslip

We have been monitoring the A435 Charlton Hill since 2014 when part of one lane collapsed. The findings suggest that there are four separate land slips along the section between Charlton Kings and the Seven Springs roundabout, all needing different approaches to remedy the problem.

Traffic management was initially put in place along this stretch of road to protect users from the cracks in the crawler lane which were caused by a land slip; however, these have now been replaced by semi permanent bollards.

We need to fully understand what is going on underneath the road in order to make it safe for vehicles. At the moment the rest of the road is safe to use and traffic can still flow on Charlton Hill.

Preliminary work has started for site one within the crawler lane. We have begun a feasibility study to understand the potential solutions and the estimated costs to fix the road. Once we have this information we can bid for the funding from central government.

What are we doing?

The feasibility study will help us to work out how much fixing the road will cost. At the moment we estimate this could be between £2m and £3m.

We will look for opportunities to bid to central government for the funding. In the meantime, we will continue to use traffic management to protect road users.


The cost of temporary traffic management for the county is something that we are attempting to reduce, so for Charlton Hill we have now applied a “semi permanent solution” and installed fixed bollards to safeguard road users. Bollards are more cost efficient than cones because they do not need as many visits from us as part of routine management. Temporary traffic cones need to be checked regularly and this results in ongoing costs.

We hope to start work to fix the first section of the crawler lane in 2019. Work on the three other sections of the road will follow.

The whole site continues to be monitored by our geotechnical team and we will keep you updated with any progress on this webpage.

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Photo of the site:

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