Gloucester South West Bypass (GSWB) - Llanthony Road Widening

The Llanthony Road section of the Gloucester South West Bypass (GSWB) is the only section of the A430 GSWB which has yet to be improved.

The road is single carriageway which creates a bottleneck between Llanthony Road and St Anne Way.

What is the proposed scheme?

The proposed scheme would see the widening of this stretch of the road, optimisation and refurbishment of traffic signals to maximise traffic flows, and improvements to the side road junctions to improve access for local residents and businesses.

Proposals also include improvement to pedestrian crossings as well as the widening of pedestrian and cycle facilities to link with those already in place at either end of this section of road.

The County Council will need to acquire land to enable the widening to take place.

The scheme is included in the adopted Local Transport Plan (LTP) as a short term capital project delivery priority (2015 to 2021).
See Policy Document 4: Highways - Page 39.

Central government has confirmed through the Gloucestershire GFirst LEP Growth Deal an allocation of £2 million to upgrade the Gloucester South West bypass (GSWB). This funding is currently scheduled to be made available to GCC in financial year 2018/2019.




Gloucestershire County Council Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO)

Gloucestershire County Council has made a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) in order to pursue the widening of Llanthony Road. The CPO has been made in respect of the land needed to implement the scheme.

The CPO is called Gloucestershire County Council Gloucester South West Bypass (Llanthony Road Section) Compulsory Purchase Order 2019.

The CPO was submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport for confirmation. A number of objections have been raised to the CPO and therefore the Secretary of State has asked for a public inquiry to be held into the making of the CPO.

In view of the current COVID-19 restrictions, the public inquiry will be held virtually.

Please find a copy of the CPO, plan and further details relating to the CPO (in respect of the virtual public inquiry) below:

Virtual public inquiry in respect of Compulsory Purchase Order 2019

A virtual public inquiry has been called in respect of the Gloucestershire County Council (Gloucester South West Bypass – Llanthony Road Section) Compulsory Purchase Order 2019.

The council has submitted a Statement of Case ahead of the inquiry, and will be referring to the following documents in evidence at the public inquiry​​:

  1. Compulsory Purchase Order
  2. Order Map
  3. Cabinet Report
  4. Minutes from GFirst LEP
  5. Full Business Case
  6. Gloucestershire's Strategic Economic Plan
  7. Local Transport Plan 2015-2031 - Countywide Capital Highway Project Delivery Priorities
  8. Planning Application - Red Line Plan
  9. General Arrangement Plan
  10. Planning Statement
  11. Planning Officer's Report
  12. Planning Decision Notice 10th April 2019
  13. Internal Memorandum of Understanding March 2018
  14. Gloucestershire Local Growth Fund - Grant Funding Payment Request Evidence and Financial Monitoring

​Planning application

Consent was given for the planning application in April 2019. The application is available for viewing and comment: Planning Application Summary.

If you have any questions on the scheme itself, please contact the Major Projects inbox.

Full Business Case

The scheme’s aims and objectives, how it will be of benefit to users and the wider public, and how we intend to manage the project moving forward is set out in the Full Business Case (FBC) below.

Llanthony Road Bypass Widening - Full Business Case 2018

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