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Mobile Camera Site Locations

The Mobile Camera Enforcement Unit is committed to reducing risks to road users caused by vehicles travelling at excessive speeds. The mobile speed detection vans operate at over 80 sites across the county and prioritise site activity by examining speed and accident data including intelligence received from communities.

In an effort to reduce speeding in areas across the county, the priority sites will be advertised each month. Visits to the other sites will continue but emphasis will be placed on the advertised locations.

Mobile Speed Detection Van locations

Throughout the pandemic lock-down and the subsequent return towards normal traffic flows the Camera Enforcement Team (CET) have been visiting as many of the sites as possible to act as a reminder to drivers about their behaviour and to enforce against those who have been driving at excessive speeds or committing other offences.

The expectation is that each of the following locations will be visited at least once per week during the month of January:

Old Neighbourhood, Chalford Stroud

A429 Fossebridge

Estcourt Road

A38 Twigworth (between Wainloads and Combe Hill)


November Priority Site Detections


Speed Limit (Mph)

Exceeding Speed Limit (No.)

Other offences

Welford Road, Welford



1 non-sealtbelt

Beachley Road, Sedbury



1 non-seatbelt

A40 Golden Valley



6 non-seatbelts

Bath Road, Eastington



2 Mobile phone use, 7 non-seatbelt

B4008 Bristol Road, Olympus Park



2 Mobile phone use, 10 non-seatbelt

New Barn Lane, Prestbury


no offences caught

Police Community Speed Sites

Community concern sites are locations that have been highlighted to us by the public because of concerns about excessive speed of traffic along sections of road. These sites may not have a history of collisions but are locations where safety or environmental concerns exist. The police can be made aware of these locations at this address:

The presence of a speed camera will encourage drivers to change their behaviour and drive at a lower, safer speed. This will help to improve the quality of life for people living in these areas and improve the safety of the roads for all those who use them. 

Police Community Speed Sites


Enforcement Camera Locations

To look for fixed, mobile and red light cameras on Gloucestershire’s road network please visit our camera and collision map.

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