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Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) and Traffic Schemes

A Traffic Regulation Order is required to legally enforce a new or modified restriction on traffic as part of an improvement scheme, for example:

  • speed limits
  • on-street parking
  • weight limits
  • one-way streets

To view current parking restrictions, Countywide, please click on the link below:


You can also find information on Improvement Schemes, for example;

  • road humps
  • pedestrian crossings
  • traffic calming features 

For more information surrounding TRO's please click on the link below.

Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) programme brochure

To view the current status of our programme please click on the link below

Update on current TROs and schemes November 2019

TROs and Schemes by District currently under consultation



Gloucestershire County Council propose changes to parking restrictions in the Arle Court Park & Ride Car Park to prevent unsuitable use of the car park and prioritise parking at the site for Park & Ride users.

This proposal comprises introducing a new free-of-charge ‘bus-user parking permit’, which must be validated on a bus service licenced to serve the park and ride site, allowing those using a bus to continue to park for free. A new parking charge will be introduced for anyone parking in the car park and not using a bus – the proposed charge is £6 all day, or £3 after 1pm.

More detail is provided in the documents below. If you wish to comment on this proposal, you can do so in writing (addressed to the Head of Legal Services, Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 2TG) or by email to highwayconsult@gloucestershire.gov.uk (please quote reference HBL/66813) no later than the 21st December 2018.

Arle Court Park and Ride Consultation Documents 

Sealed Variation Order

Have made notice

Various, minor waiting restrictions in the Tivoli and Montpellier areas of Cheltenham. Deadline for comments is 14th December. Details on how to comment are contained in the "Intend to Notice" document below:

Intend to Notice

Draft variation Order

Statement of Reasons

Consultation Plans

Tiles to be revoked


Variation Order

Have Made Notice

Sealed Tiles

Tiles to be revoked


No alterations will be made on site to the existing scheme, this is an administration exercise only.

Intend to notice 

Consultation Plan 1 

Consultation Plan 2

Statement of Reason


The Experimental Traffic Regulation Order is due to be implemented on the 3rd September 2018.

Gloucestershire County Council has been working with Great Western Railway to enable them to expand the capacity of the station car park. This means that from September 2018 approximately 70 car park spaces will be out of use whilst initial ground works are carried out. The car park is due to be completed in summer 2019.

To assist with this important development Gloucestershire County Council is proposing changes to on street parking restrictions near Cheltenham Spa Station, in Zone 14, by introducing an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO). This will provide approximately 100 long stay parking spaces on parts of Eldorado Road, Queens Road and Christ Church Road.

In these locations the parking restrictions will be altered as follows:

From: Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm Zone 14 permit holders or limited waiting 4 hours no return 4 hours

To: 8am Monday – 8pm Friday Zone 14 Permit holders; or Voucher parking (Max stay 12 hours, no return within 10 hours).

This trial arrangement means that permit holders will continue to be able to use the bays for any time period. However some bays in Eldorado Road, Queens Road and Christ Church Road will now be shared use with non-residents able to park for up to 12 hours using a free voucher. Details for obtaining a voucher will be found on the sign plates next to these bays or by following this link.

The plan (below) shows the parking bay locations where the Experimental TRO will be introduced.

An Experimental TRO can run for a maximum of 18 months during which time we can trial different options if we need to. During the first six months we will collect your comments and monitor voucher usage to understand how the new parking arrangements are working before deciding whether to:

Have Made Notice

Variation Order

Statement of Reason

Tiles to be revoked

Tiles to be inserted

Consultation Plan

This order has now been made, please see below for relevant documentation. Once signage is in place parking will be enforceable under the existing zone 13 arrangements.

TRO report

Sealed Variation Order

Sealed map tile

Have made notice


Documents to be added January 23rd



Statement of Reasons

Gloucestershire County Council, working in partnership with Cirencester Town Council, is proposing a number of changes to the highway network in and around the Market Place.  The proposals include alterations to parking arrangements, one way traffic restrictions, prohibition of right turn movements, the introduction of zebra crossings and raised highway surfaces.  The proposed changes support the revised layout of the Market Place and town centre traffic management scheme. 

For further information please see the various downloads.

Cotswold District Parking TRO

Cirencester Marketplace Moving

Cirencester marketplace TRO parking plan

CTC - Amendment Order for Pay and Display Notice

CTC - Banned Turns Draft Order

CTC - Banned Turns Notice

CTC - Draft Amendment Order for Pay and Display

CTC - No Entry Draft Order

CTC - No Entry Notice

CTC - One Way Draft Order

CTC - One Way Notice

CTC - Pedestrian Crossing Notice

CTC - Statement of Reasons

CTC - Traffic Calming Notice

CTC - Waiting Restriction Notice

Signed Intend to Documents

Cirencester Town Centre Highway Improvements

Gloucestershire County Council is proposing to introduce new and revised parking restrictions on sections of various roads within Bourton-on-the-Water.

The restrictions have been requested by Bourton-on-the-Water Parish Council to address parking issues raised by local residents and businesses. County Council officers have been working closely with the Parish Council to come up with the best proposals for the village, with the aims of the proposals being to improve safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, maintain traffic flow and provide more suitable parking arrangements where appropriate.

Initial proposal plans were presented at public exhibitions in March, with the opportunity for people to make comments. Having considered all the comments received, some revisions have now been made to the original proposals. Please find below plans of the new proposals now being formally advertised, the statement of reasons and other accompanying documentation.

Please see the 'Advertising Notice' for information regarding how to make a formal representation and note that any formal representations must be received by no later than 29th November 2019.


Clapton Row Moore Road Sherbourne Street & Springfield
High Street Rissington Rd (& Gorse Cl, Gorse Mdw, Dikler Cl) Station Road (& Park Farm)
High St / Station Rd / Rissington Rd junction Rissington Rd (Car Park) Station Road (& Roman Way)
Industrial Estate North Rissington Rd (Ford) Station Road (South)
Industrial Estate South Rissington Rd (& Rye Cl, Nethercote Dr, Hilcote Dr) Station Road (& Springvale)
Lansdowne (East) Rissington Rd (East) Victoria Street
Lansdowne (West) & Green Lake Close    
Letch Hill Drive Roman Way & Moor Lane Advertising Notice
Meadow Way & Barnsley Way Rye Close & Rye Crescent Statement of Reasons
Meadow Way & Kings Meadow Sherbourne Street (North) Due Regard Statement
    Draft Order
    Sealed tiles to be revoked

Forest of Dean


NB - please note that there have been changes to the proposals for Courtfield Road.  All the other proposals remain unaffected.  Comments about the Courtfield Road proposals are welcome before 8th October 2018 please.

Amended Notice - Courtfield Road

Amended Plan - Courtfield Road



Statement of Reasons

Draft Order

New proposed Orders 2018 - Proposed One-Way & Waiting Restrictions, on roads around the new Bus Station.

N.B. - The Waiting Restriction Order has now been made and will come into effect on 22nd February 2019.

Waiting Restrictions - Made Notice Feb 2019

Waiting restrictions - Made Order Feb 2019

Waiting Restrictions - Sealed Tiles

Waiting Restrictions - tiles to be revoked BK111

Waiting Restrictions - tiles to be revoked BL111

Waiting Restrictions - tiles to be revoked BL112

One Way and banned turns - Notice

Waiting Restriction alterations - Notice

Consultation Plan

Tiles to be revoked (Waiting Restrictions)

One Way and Banned Turns - Draft Order

Waiting Restrictions - Draft Order Variation

Proposed traffic regulation orders to facilitate the redevelopment of Gloucester bus station. These include changes to traffic movements, pedestrian crossings, bus lanes and the re-opening of the Station Road / Bruton Way junction (near Prince Street). Please note that this does NOT include the partial closure of Bruton Way immediately in front of the new bus station.

The redevelopment of Gloucester Bus Station requires changes to be made to some Traffic Orders on the streets in the surrounding area.  For more information, please see the "Download" panel on the right hand side of the screen.

The general effect of these Orders would be to:

  • Revoke the existing Prohibition of Driving Order on Station Road, Gloucester at its junction with A430 Bruton Way to allow this junction to be re-opened to traffic.
  • Prohibit U Turns at the new set of traffic signals that will be installed at the above junction.  Right turns into Station Road from the southbound carriageway of the A430 Bruton Way will also be prohibited.
  • Make changes to the bus lanes on Bruton Way, Station Road and Market Parade including shortening the lengths of the bus lanes, changing the exemptions and revoking parts of existing bus lanes.
  • Revoke the existing one-way and compulsory left-turn Order on the access roads to the multi-storey car park in Bruton Way.
  • Provide two new zebra crossings. These will replace the existing zebra crossing and pelican crossing on Station Road.  The existing zebra crossings on both Bruton Way and the multi-storey car park entrance & exit roads will be removed.

These Orders will now come into effect on 7th August 2017.


Gloucester Bus Station - Bus Lane MADE Order & Notice NOV2017

Gloucester Bus Station - One Way MADE Order & Notice NOV2017

Gloucester Bus Station - Puffin Crossing Notice - Station Road

Gloucester Bus Station - Made Order -  Banned Turns

Gloucester Bus Station - Made Order - Revocation of Station Road Prohibition of Driving

GTH Intend to Documents

GTH Consultation Plan JUNE2016

GTH Banned U Turn and Right Turn Notice

GTH Revocation Notice (Prohibition of Driving & Car Park Access Roads)

GTH Bus Lane Notice

GTH Zebra Crossings Notices

GTH Banned Turns Permanent Order

GTH Revoked Order - Bruton Way Car Park 1983

GTH Revoked Order - POD Station Road 1982

GTH Bus Lane Order

GTH Made Order Documents

It is proposed that this bus lane order will now be consolidated in to the Countywide Bus Lane Order 2017. Please see relevant documents below:

Intend to Notice

Draft Variation Order

Statement of Reason

Consultation Plan

Order to be revoked

These proposed Orders are part of a package of measures of a larger scheme to improve the Oxstalls Lane / Cheltenham Road junction.

This scheme is part of a development scheme in Oxstalls, Amey Highways is the consultant for this scheme and not the designer of the elements shown within this proposal.

Oxstalls Overall Scheme - Plan


Oxstalls Scheme Prohibition of U turn - Statement of Reasons

Oxstalls Scheme Prohibition of U turn - Order


Oxstalls Scheme Crossings - Statement of Reasons


Oxstalls Scheme Waiting Restrictions - Statement of Reasons

Oxstalls Scheme Waiting Restrictions - Order

Oxstalls Made Notice

Oxstalls Made Waiting Restrictions tile

Oxstalls Made Waiting Restrictions (2)

Oxstalls Revoked Waiting Restrictions Tiles


The proposed scheme is part of the development on Ladybellegate Street of residential properties.

This scheme is being consulted on by Amey Highways and has been designed as part of the development and not by Amey.

Ladybellegate Street - plan 

Ladybellegate Street - Statement of Reasons





PLEASE NOTE:  The proposals for Lister Road have been amended (see plans below). Deadline for comments (On the NEW Lister Road proposals ONLY) is 12th April 2019.

Proposed one-way Order and waiting restrictions as part of the new development in the Long Street/Bymacks Lane/Drake Lane area of Dursley as a result of the re-alignment of the road. Deadline for comments is 30th November. Details on how to comment are contained in the "Notice" documents below.

Proposed One-Way, Bymacks Lane, Dursley - Notice

Proposed One-Way, Bymacks Lane, Dursley - Statement of Reasons

Proposed One-Way, Bymacks Lane, Dursley - Draft Order

Proposed Waiting Restrictions, Various Roads, Dursley - Notice

Proposed Waiting Restrictions, Various Roads, Dursley - Statement of Reasons

Proposed Waiting Restrictions, Various Roads, Dursley - Draft Order

Consultation Plan (original)

Amended Consultation Plan 1 (March 2019)

Amended Consultation Plan 2 (March 2019)

Amended Consultation Plan 3 (March 2019)

PLEASE NOTE: This Order has now been made and will come into effect on the 22nd October 2018.

The proposed waiting restrictions in Wotton is now out for public consultation.  Details of how to comment on the proposals can be found on the Notice (see below)

Wotton-U-E Made Notice

Wotton-U-E Made Order

Wotton-U-E Notice

Wotton-U-E Statement of Reasons

Wotton-U-E Draft Order

Wotton-U-E Tiles to Revoke

Potters Pond / School Road

Gloucester Street / Tabernacle Pitch


Locombe Place / Wortley Road / Mount Pleasant


Packhorse Lane / Haw Street / Westfields


During a review of the current speed limit Traffic Regulation Orders for the Minchinhampton, Nailsworth and Rodborough area it was noted that there were administrative errors. In order to correct this it is necessary to advertise the Traffic Regulation Order again. 

There will be no changes to the extent of the speed limits on the ground however there will alterations to the signing as the 40mph speed limit will become a zone. The signage and lining will be in accordance with The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016.

Please find supporting documents below:

Intend to Notice

Consultation Plan

Draft Traffic Regulation Order

Statement of Reason

Order to revoke - Gloucestershire County Council (Various Roads – Minchinhampton and Rodborough Commons) (30mph and 40mph Speed Limits) Order 2000

Order to revoke - Gloucestershire County Council (Various Speed Limits in the Parishes of Minchinhampton and Nailsworth Town, Stroud) Order 2004. Schedule II and Schedule III

Order to revoke - Gloucestershire County Council (Cirencester Road, Minchinhampton) (30mph Speed Limit) Order 2010

This Order has now been made, please see relevant documents below:

Signed TRO report

Made Order

Have Made Notice

Final plan of the area




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