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You can now book your place at The Education Conference 2019 - Progress Through Partnership

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The Education Conference Agenda


The prevention and management of fixed period exclusions in schools

 The Gloucestershire exclusions pack is to help schools apply statutory guidance and to provide additional information about Gloucestershire's policies and procedures relating to preventing and managing exclusions.

 The pack is updated each year and is based on current DfE guidance. 

 Headteachers' paperwork for a student at risk of permanent exclusion - this includes forms for pastoral lead/senior leader, witness statements and sample letters to parents:

  Governors' LA pack and paperwork - this includes sample exclusion meeting agenda and sample letters to parents: 


Children in Care transfer protocol

 The purpose of this protocol is to prevent permanent exclusions of Children in Care in Gloucestershire mainstream and special schools; it provides an alternative to permanent exclusions. This protocol seeks to ensure a multi-agency approach to meeting the social, emotional and behavioural needs of these pupils. This protocol is now part of the GCC Exclusions Guide for head teachers. 


Pastoral Support Programme

 Schools can use the Pastoral Support Programme to help prevent exclusions from school.

 A Pastoral Support Plan is a school-based intervention to help individual children manage their behaviour in order to successfully complete their education at school. 

  Paperwork to be completed before the initial PSP meeting: 


 Managed Moves

   A Managed Move is defined as a formal agreement between two schools, a child and his parents. It allows a child at risk of permanent exclusion to transfer to another school. The move requires the agreement of the child's parent, the head teacher of the child's current school (the home school), the head teacher of the proposed school, and the Strategic Lead from the Education Performance and Inclusion team (EP&I) on behalf of the LA.

  Schools can use Managed Moves to help prevent exclusions from school. 


 Notification of exclusions

 In order to provide schools and Education Service Managers with an exclusions report early in the autumn please notify us of any exclusions (fixed period or permanent) by the end of the Term 6.


The form can be downloaded below and can be completed and returned by email to:    exclusions@gloucestershire.gov.uk   

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