Admissions and Exclusions


Gloucestershire's Virtual School work in partnership with the placement school, social workers, governors and Gloucestershire's school admissions team to ensure that children in care are prioritised in the finalising of school placements in schools that are rated as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED.

In the event where a child will need to change an educational placement, the Virtual School will work with all relevant professionals to ensure that a new school place is finalised and there is a smooth transition into the new placement.

School Admissions Checklist

  • Has the Virtual School been informed?
  • Is the school judged by OFSTED to be good or outstanding?
  • Given the young person’s location, is the school most suitable based on their needs?
  • Does the young person’s have SEN needs?
  • If young person has a EHCP, have the SEN department been informed?
  • If young person has a EHCP, is the School’s Local Offer able to meet the young person’s needs?
  • Is the young person able to maximise their progress if they attend this school?
  • Has an informal visit been made?
  • Does the young person want to attend this school?
  • Any other reasons for preferences? (Special provision, mentors, SW’s?)



It is Virtual School policy that no looked after child should be permanently excluded from their educational placement.

Many schools make use of ‘internal exclusions’, while this still creates an opportunity for learning this must not be used as along-term solution.

Gloucestershire Virtual School will ensure that systems are in place to identify children where engagement is decreasing before the lack of engagement starts to impact their child’s progress.

The Virtual School will ensure that all relevant agencies comply with and uphold the statutory guidance on school exclusions.

To reiterate, in line with the statutory guidance, Headteachers at the placement school must avoid permanently excluding any looked after child.

When Gloucestershire Virtual School are informed of a looked after child’s behaviour which could lead to an exclusion, Gloucestershire Virtual School will implement a course of action to ensure that permanent exclusions are avoided at all costs. Solutions may include, finding an alternative education provision suitable for the child’s needs or implementing a course of mentoring to help address the reasons behind this behaviour or other interventions that will help address this.

Children in Care transfer protocol

The purpose of this protocol is to prevent permanent exclusions of Children in Care in Gloucestershire mainstream and special schools; it provides an alternative to permanent exclusions. This protocol seeks to ensure a multi-agency approach to meeting the social, emotional and behavioural needs of these pupils. This protocol is now part of the GCC Exclusions Guide for head teachers.

For further exclusion information as well as our policies and procedures, please take a look at our policy page


Children Missing Education (CME)

Anyone concerned that a child is missing education (CME) can make a referral to the Education Performance and Inclusion team (EPI) at Gloucestershire County Council

Children Missing Education (CME) refers to 'any child of compulsory school age who is not registered at any formally approved education activity eg school, alternative provision, elective home education, and has been out of education provision for at least 4 weeks'.

CME also includes those children who are missing (family whereabouts unknown), and are usually children who are registered on a school roll / alternative provision. This might be a child who is not at their last known address and either

  • has not taken up an allocated school place as expected, or
  • has 10 or more days of continuous absence from school without explanation, or
  • left school suddenly and the destination is unknown

Alerting the LA that a child may be missing education

Any professional should alert the LA when they suspect that a child might be missing from education.To make this process as easy as possible, a referral should be sent to:

Education Performance and Inclusion team
Shire Hall,
Westgate Street,
Gloucester GL1 2TP

Tel 01452 328033 / 427800

CME Guide January 2017 (PDF, 449.7 KB)

CME referral form - schools (DOC, 64.4 KB)

CME referral - professionals other than at school (DOC, 59.9 KB)

CME report 2013Opens new window

Protocol on partnership working when children and young people run away and go missing from home or care

Protocol on partnership working when children and young people run away and go missing from home or care


Children placed outside Gloucestershire

Young people may be placed outside Gloucestershire for a variety of reasons. These reasons can range from insufficient placements within County, to a suitable educational establishment best fitting to the young person's needs or even current foster carers moving home out of county.

A young person being placed out of county does not mean that we no longer oversee their educational needs.  The Virtual School continues to work alongside Carers and Designated Teachers to ensure that the Young Person has the best possible opportunities available to them.

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