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Part 4 - Contract Procedure Rules

Below are the Contract Procedure Rules.

2.1       These Contract Procedure Rules (CPRs) apply to all relevant contracts made (including all orders placed) by, for or on behalf of the Council, or where the Council is acting on behalf of other public bodies. Relevant contracts include arrangements for:

  1. a) the supply or disposal of goods
  2. b) the hire, rental or lease of goods or equipment
  3. c) the provision of works and the supply of works materials
  4. d) the provision of services, including consultancy services
  5. e) the granting of works concessions or services concessions
  6. f) the selection of sub-contractors by the Council, where these are nominated under a main / prime contract

2.2       Relevant contracts include contracts between the Council and any other contracting party, including:

  1. a) Other public bodies, including other local authorities
  2. b) Voluntary and community sector organisations acting as suppliers to the Council
  3. c) Private sector suppliers to the Council

2.3       Relevant contracts do not include:

  1. a) agreements regarding the acquisition, disposal, or transfer of land, pre-existing property leases, and licenses; or
  2. b) the award of grants by the Council

The rules governing these are covered by separate procedural guidelines approved (from time to time) by the Cabinet, Leader of the Council or a Cabinet Member.

2.4      These Contract Procedure Rules apply to Council Maintained Schools except where the Council Scheme for Financing Schools (from time to time under Section 48 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998) applies.

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