Part 4 - Rules of access to information about the County Council's formal business

Below are the rules of access to information about the County Council's formal business.

  1. Council bodies may establish politically balanced sub-committees with the power to make any decisions that are formally authorised by the parent body. These rules apply to a meeting of a sub-committee and to any Cabinet committee that meets in public. 

Sub-committees and Cabinet committees can be distinguished from panels established from time to time by council bodies, the Cabinet, Leader of the Council and Cabinet Members on the basis that panels have no power to make a decision in respect of any Council function. Consequently, these rules do not apply to panels. This does not necessarily mean that meetings of these groups, their agenda and any documents they produce will not be open to the public. Rather it will be a matter for the parent body or the panel itself to decide whether and to what extent they should meet individual requests for access to information.

Groups are established by Officers to deal with a particular item of work or work area and do not include Members and operate in the same way as panels for the purposes of access to information.

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