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Part 5 - Protocol on public address at Planning Committee

Below you will find the protocol on public address at Planning Committee.

2.1         People who have registered to speak (“Permitted speakers” see below) will be able, if they wish, to nominate another person to speak on their behalf or to combine their individual four minute slots to enable one person to speak for a longer period. Any individual will only be allowed to address the Committee for four minutes within the full 20 minutes allocated to objectors or supporters unless they are co-operating with another(s) permitted speaker. Where a number of individuals have co-operated and appointed a spokesperson and, where those individuals are also on the list of approved speakers, they may combine time.

              For example:

              The following 5 people have asked to address the Committee in respect of the same application:

              Slot 1               0-4 minutes    >         A N Other

              Slot 2               4-8 minutes    >         B N Other

              Slot 3               8-12 minutes  >         C N Other

              Slot 4             12-16 minutes >         D N Other

              Slot 5             16-20 minutes >         E N Other

              BAR …………………………………………….

                                                                        F N Other

              The “Permitted speakers” are those in Slots 1-5. The names of any other people who indicate they wish to address the Committee will be held in case any of the “Permitted speakers” are unable to attend the meeting.

              F N Other is unable to speak but they might contact another of the speakers and have some of their views incorporated by that person BUT the other speaker will not get extra time.

              However, if B N Other, C N Other and D N Other decided that B N Other can speak for all three, this time would then become 12 minutes (3 x 4 minutes) and the list would then be:

              Slot 1             0-4 minutes     >          A N Other

              Slot 2             4-16 minutes   >          B N Other

              Slot 5             16-20 minutes >          E N Other

2.2         “Permitted speakers” may not introduce or refer to new written material, plans or photographs or audio/video recordings, which have not been in the public arena and supplied to the Authority at least three working days before the meeting. The Chair has discretion to suspend any public speaking which introduces material evidence or is repetitious of previous speeches after giving warning to the individual concerned of the potential consequences.

2.3         “Permitted speakers” may not record the meeting with any audio or video equipment. The only true record is that recorded as minutes by the Democratic Services Officer and ratified by County Councillors.

2.4         “Permitted speakers” may not ask direct questions of County Councillors or Officers. [Standing Orders already allow the submission of written and oral questions to the Committee. This Protocol does not affect your right to submit written questions before the meeting and ask oral questions at the start of the meeting by that route].

2.5         No person other than the County Councillors forming the Committee has the right to vote or enter into the debate.

2.6         No person should approach a Member of the Committee whilst it is in session to discuss with or pass information to a County Councillor.

2.7         There will be an aggregate time limit of 20 minutes for all persons to speak in support of the proposal and an aggregate time limit of 20 minutes for all persons speaking against the proposal [total time 40 minutes plus that allowed for any local District or Parish Councillor and the Applicant or their Agent].

2.8         For the purposes of this Protocol and assessing times within it, the basis of the Protocol is to allow up to 10 speakers four minutes each on a first come basis.  The limiting factor of 40 minutes on public speakers is to ensure that the Committee is not unduly delayed. Therefore, 10 people addressing the Committee for only two minutes each will satisfy the spirit of the Protocol and would not mean that a further 10 minutes remains to be allocated to others.

2.9       In exceptional circumstances and where a matter has proved controversial to a large number of members of the public and those people have requested to address the Committee, an extension of time allowed may only take place where such is agreed by the Chair stating the additional period that is available and the reason for the deviation from this protocol recorded in the minutes of the Planning Committee.

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