Carers Emergency Scheme – Level One


"Ever wondered what would happen in an emergency, if you couldn't get to your child or young person? No?"


Helen, a registered Parent Carer, tells us of a time when she was in a situation where the Carers Emergency Scheme could have helped:

"I hadn't either until it nearly happened to me. I was away from home and on my way to pick up my son, when I was unexpectedly delayed. Not a problem you might think and usually I would agree. A quick call from my mobile, a message to let him know I'd be there soon and all could be easily sorted. I picked up my mobile and found it nearly out of battery. A very rare event indeed. I've got to be honest, there was a brief moment of panic and I wondered how on earth I would let him know where I was and that all was ok. This is one example of a situation where the Carers Emergency Scheme might have come to our rescue. It certainly would have given me some peace of mind in that moment and I'm relieved to know I've had those conversations and put plans in place. You can do the same by getting in touch with the Carers Hub today."

Watch a video from one of our Parent Carers who is also on the Level One of the Carers Emergency Scheme by visiting:

In this video, Laine gives feedback such as:

  • ‘Helpful for us, it takes away a lot of fear and anxiety if we were unable to collect my child or look after him properly’.
  • ‘Notifies people who may find me if I've fallen over in the street that I am a carer’.
  • ‘’Huge weight off our mind’.

"Knowledge that it is there makes a massive difference as it is one less thing to worry about everyday, so for myself and my husband it is a life changer in that sense as it is one less thing to worry about and we are glad it’s available.”

The Carers Emergency Scheme enables you to have those conversations with family and friends and plan who might be able to help if you can't. It might mean that they step in to collect your child or young person from school or wait with them at home until a family member can step in. You can record the details of a designated and agreed contact which is attached to a card, this card has a unique reference number and when it is found the number is contacted and the nominated contacts are then called by the call centre, this call centre is open 24/7.

Call 0300 111 9000 to register on the scheme or email

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