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School Admission Appeals for Children without an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)


Access To Education Service facilitates school admission appeals.


Every parent / carer has the legal right of appeal for any school/academy(s) should you wish to. You should appeal if you were not offered a place at your preferred school and think you meet the limited grounds.

Remember, you have parental preference for as many schools as you wish, but this is not parental choice or guarantee of a place at any school / academy. Even if you are unsure about a school / academy, it is recommended you research and visit the school / academy to see if they can meet your child’s needs; this could help with any concerns you might have.

You can request an appeal form from the school / academy or the local authority – depending on the school as some handle their own appeals process. You then complete the form (with any additional evidence) and write every detail to show you have exceptional circumstances, or why you disagree with why the place was refused. Most appeals take place May-July, but you can request one at any time. Appeals are generally heard within 6 school weeks of the appeal paperwork being submitted.

You can attend your appeal to present your case and help answer questions about your case. Each appeal is presented by an officer from the admission authority, with an appeal clerk and three independent volunteer panel members also in attendance; the decision to offer or refuse a place is made by the panel members after the hearing. You would be notified of the appeal decision within 5 working days after the hearing.

There are two types of admission appeal:

1. Infant class size appeals

Schools have a legal limit of 30 children for each infant class teacher in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. There are very limited grounds upon which an Infant Class Size appeal can be granted. Further information on admission appeals.

2. Efficient use of resources

For ‘efficient use of resources’ appeals, the independent appeal panel will weigh up whether or not your circumstances outweigh the admission authority’s circumstances. All appeals for Year 3 and upwards are efficient use of resources appeals. Please follow the link on this page for further information.

Please contact us using the email address below, or follow the link below for further information:

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