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What is the Gloucestershire's Children's Partnership?

Gloucestershire Children's Partnership (GCP) is a partnership of the key local organisations that provide services for children and young people.

What is its role?

The GCP provides a lead for all multi-agency work related to services for children and young people in Gloucestershire. It was set up as the CYPSP in 2002, when the county recognised that it needed to work more closely when planning and providing services for children and young people across Gloucestershire.


GCP includes representatives from Gloucestershire County Council, district councils, health, Prospects Services, police, probation service and the education sector.

GCP has operated under its current arrangements since 2006, bringing partners closer together, overseeing three successful Children and Young People's Partnership Plans, and managing significant change programmes, with a good track record of service improvement.

In 2010 the partnership reviewed its working arrangements in light of national changes and the economic situation. The government still considers partnership working to be a priority and the duty of co-operation remains.  It is up to local areas to decide how best to work together and whether to produce a single Plan (CYPPP). Locally partners wished to continue planning and working together to improve the lives of children and young people.

You can download the following updated arrangements:

Our plan identifies what organisations are going to do to deliver services to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable, and how they are going to do it.

The 2015- 18 Children & Young People's Partnership Plan (CYPPP)

The 2015-18 Children & Young People's Partnership Plan' (CYPPP), as with the previous plans, has been agreed and will be monitored by the partnership known as the Gloucestershire's Children's Partnership (GCP). This is a partnership of the key organisations providing services for, and which have an impact on, children and young people and families in Gloucestershire. The Plan focuses on areas where better partnership working will really make a difference to the outcomes for our vulnerable children and young people.  The Plan is linked to the strategy of the Health & Wellbeing Board. It will be reviewed each year to meet new challenges.

Gloucestershire Early Help and Children and Young People’s Partnership Plan: 2015-18

We collected information from a range of sources to help us plan:

  • The Online Pupil Survey of 23,000 children
  • Face-to-face consultation exercises with children, families and practitioners
  • Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children's Board road shows.
  • On-line consultation exercise with families and practioners


Our vision is:

We want to ensure our children and young people thrive and reach their full potential; supporting when we are needed most.


Our aims:

  • Children will thrive
  • Children will thrive with help
  • Children will thrive with specialist help


We will:

Work well together to deliver our vision: We will improve our systems.


Our focus:

Using our collective information and by asking professionals, volunteers and children themselves we know that our most vulnerable groups of children are:

  • Looked After Children (LAC) and care-leavers
  • Children requiring safeguarding
  • Children subject to the effects of poverty
  • Children living in challenging circumstances (including those children affected by domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation, young carers, sick children, substance misuse, mental health issues, complex needs, those in chaotic families) (CCC)
  • Children and Young People with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities/Complex Needs (CYPwLDD)


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