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Welcome to the Integrated Commissioning Provider Information webpage. 

Here, you will find information about our Provider Forums, our regular Provider Information Bulletins, and the Provider Portal.



Provider Forum


What is the Provider Forum?

The Provider Forum is held quarterly, facilitated by Gloucestershire County Council & Clinical Commissioning Group.  We book large venues across Gloucestershire for a whole morning (and try to rotate around the county although it's broad!) and openly invite any Gloucestershire provider to attend.  The Agenda is varied and set in partnership between commissioners and providers. We often have external speakers on requested topics (e.g. CQC, Acute Trust, Safeguarding Team etc.)


Tea and Coffee is available from 8.30 a.m to 9.45 a.m and offers providers the chance to meet each other and network.  This time is also used for the Gloucestershire Care Providers Association (GCPA) to facilitate a discussion between providers.  Commissioners do not attend this first part of the forum.  The GCPA co-ordinate and feedback the issues/questions within the agenda - there is plenty of allocated time to cover this.  Commissioners want to provide this time for providers to talk together about anything they may wish to raise at the forum or to formulate any questions.


Who is the Provider Forum for?

The Provider Forum is for any care and support provider in Gloucestershire to attend.  It's current focus is on Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and Physical Disabilities but could include providers who deliver to older people and vulnerable adults as well.  We welcome providers from the domiciliary care, supported living, care home and day opportunities sector, as well as anyone else who is interested to know more about delivering support in Gloucestershire and working with colleagues across the Health and Social Care system.


What is the Provider Forum's vision?

Our vision for the Provider Forum is for providers and commissioners to come together to share information and knowledge.  We want to build a strong relationship between providers and commissioners and ensure the voice of providers in Gloucestershire is heard and acknowledged.  We will improve the quality of provision for people in Gloucestershire and ensure we are meeting their needs.


What is the Provider Forum's purpose?

The purpose of the Provider Forum is to have a space for open and clear discussion of issues; the positives and the challenges of working in Gloucestershire.  It's a space to share best practice and improve communications with commissioners.



From November 2020, the Provider Portal is the way the Integrated Brokerage team will communicate with you in future about the care we’ve commissioned for individuals.

The Provider Portal is a new tool for us to manage how we:

  • Exchange and amend contracts electronically for the care we have purchased for individuals;
  • Share the financial information we hold about packages of care and payments we will make e.g. purchase     orders, scheduled payments/remittance as applicable; and
  • Manage the queries you normally send to us e.g. about contracts, care monitoring and payment.

Take a look at the leaflet here for more information about the benefits.

How to register to use the Provider Portal

The video here explains how registration with the system works.

Please complete the registration of your system users, beginning with the Lead Correspondent from your organisation, by the end of November 2020.

From December 2020 if you contact Brokerage or Care Services Finance via email we will ask you to complete your registration with the Provider Portal and redirect your query through the new system.

How to use the Provider Portal

When you are sent an email invitation to complete your registration, you will be provided with a User Handbook and a link to a demonstration video that takes you through all the key functions of the system, which you will be able to refer back to at any time.

Questions? Take a look at the FAQs or contact us at if your query is not answered there.

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