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Provider Information

Welcome to the Integrated Commissioning Provider Information webpage.

Here, you will find information about our Provider Forums, our regular Provider Information Bulletins, and the Provider Portal.

Gloucestershire's Cost of Care Exercise

Results of Gloucestershire’s Cost of Care exercise, 2022:


Provider Forum

What is the Provider Forum?

The Provider Forum is held quarterly, facilitated by Gloucestershire County Council.  The meetings are currently held online and we openly invite any Gloucestershire provider to attend.  The Agenda is varied and set in partnership between commissioners and providers. We often have external speakers on requested topics (e.g. CQC, Acute Trust, Safeguarding Team etc.)

Standing agenda items include and update from the Gloucestershire Care Providers Association (GCPA), Proud to Care and Provider Feedback, Priorities and Future Agenda Items. 

Who is the Provider Forum for?

The Provider Forum is for any care and support provider in Gloucestershire to attend.  It's current focus is on Learning Disabilities, Mental Health and Physical Disabilities but could include providers who deliver to older people and vulnerable adults as well.  We welcome providers from the domiciliary care, supported living, care home and day opportunities sector, as well as anyone else who is interested to know more about delivering support in Gloucestershire and working with colleagues across the Health and Social Care system.

What is the Provider Forum's vision?

Our vision for the Provider Forum is for providers and commissioners to come together to share information and knowledge.  We want to build a strong relationship between providers and commissioners and ensure the voice of providers in Gloucestershire is heard and acknowledged.  We will improve the quality of provision for people in Gloucestershire and ensure we are meeting their needs.

What is the Provider Forum's purpose?

The purpose of the Provider Forum is to have a space for open and clear discussion of issues; the positives and the challenges of working in Gloucestershire.  It's a space to share best practice and improve communications with commissioners.

The Provider Portal is a web-based system that integrates with Gloucestershire County Council’s finance system, ContrOCC. As of July 2021, the majority of Providers are now registered with Portal accounts benefiting from its various functions.

Click here to login to the Portal

What can I use the Portal for?

  • Exchanging and amending contracts published by Brokerage; the provider is able to reject or approve the contract electronically. You can also submit a ‘Contract Signature Page’ which will allow you to send any obtained signatures to formalise the Contract.
  • Viewing financial information; for live and historical packages of care along with downloadable detailed remittance advice (Residential and Nursing providers only).
  • Communicating with Brokerage & Care Services Finance through ‘Actions’; the Portal acts as a one-stop-shop for all post-brokered care queries including service dates, deaths, departures and payments.

Accessing the Provider Portal:

Never share your login details with anyone, the access you are given upon registration is intended for your own personal use only and should not be shared.

If you don’t currently have a Portal account, the Super User for your Organisation will be able to send a new user request through the Portal itself. An appropriate security role will be assigned to the new account (by the Super User) this will govern the level of information you are able to view/ edit within the Portal.

Please note; if you are a Super User for your Organisation, you are responsible for requesting additional users, maintaining up-to-date contact information and acting as our main contact for communications/ queries.

If you are locked out of your Portal account or require further assistance, please email - If you haven’t been able to access your account for a prolonged period of time, you will receive fortnightly emails prompting you to change your password and login.

Provider Information:

Each user will have access to a ‘Provider Information’ tab upon logging in, this is a profile created by the Brokerage team to store useful information for Providers and publish mass communications. For example, you will be able to find the most updated version of the Provider Portal Handbook within this section.

Questions - Take a look at our FAQs (PDF, 297.4 KB)

Gloucestershire's Cost of Care Exercise

Below are the links to the accompanying information for Gloucestershire’s Cost of Care Exercise.

If you have any further queries not answered in the FAQs or presentations, please email:

Cost of Care Exercises – Gloucestershire FAQs

Cost of Care - Care Home Provider Information Event presentation

Cost of Care – Home Care Provider Information Event presentation

Red Bag Scheme     

This page is for Gloucestershire independent care providers who have received Red Bags (homes & supported living) and those wishing to find out more details.  

The Red Bag:

  • is a dedicated bag packed by staff to go with the supported person when they go into hospital.
  • is used to transfer important documents and personal items to the hospital and identify the person as being supported and having additional needs.   
  • stays with the person throughout their hospital stay, returning with them home with discharge documents.  

The following documents provide important information about how to use the bag,  promote the bag, report lost bags and where to purchase more bags.

Promotional Poster

Information poster which can be displayed and circulated.

Bag Checklist

Checklist of items/documents to go in the bag. This can be used as a tick sheet and included in the bag.

Promotional Pathway Poster

Information about the Red Bag journey for ambulance/hospital staff.

Cleaning Instructions

Important information on infection control and cleaning the bag.

Confidentiality Statement

To be completed and placed in each bag to protect confidentiality of contents.

Lost Bags

Process to follow if a bag is lost or doesn’t return with the resident.

Order More Bags

Links to purchase more bags from approved suppliers.

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