Casualty Statistics

Here you can access information about Gloucestershire’s casualty statistics.  Below you will find information on casualty data, why we collect the data and what it is used for.

Gloucestershire Road Casualty Data 2014 to 2018

We have created an interactive report below to show the Gloucestershire road casualty data from 2014 to 2018. The report shows how the data relates to one another and can be made full screen by clicking on the double ended arrow (bottom right of the graphic).

Please note that the Gloucestershire casualty data comes from a live database, meaning that information can be updated as soon as it becomes available which could affect the casualty totals.

Five year overview:

2018 Summary:

About our casualty data:

Every year on Gloucestershire’s roads, there are around 1000 personal injury road traffic collisions, resulting in a similar number of casualties.

The Road Safety Team maintains a database of statistics on all personal injury road collisions records within the county. Gloucestershire Constabulary provides this information to us and each report is carefully checked against a computer-generated map of the county. Details like road type, road number and grid reference are especially important to us.

As a result, the team has access to collisions dating back to 1983 - over 100,000 records, which can be used together with our computer mapping system to monitor risk, accident clusters and concentrations on the highway network. This enables us to prioritise our annual programme and target our spending on road improvements.

The data is also sent to the Department for Transport to assist with the compilation of national road casualty statistics.

In addition to identifying accident clusters and “hot spots”, the database can also be used to:

  • Determine the nature and characteristics of accidents along routes
  • Help prioritise spending on road improvement
  • Ensure that proposals with road safety benefits receive priority consideration
  • Identify speed related accident clusters where safety cameras may be beneficial

Please note that Gloucestershire Constabulary changed their method of reporting injury collisions in 2015 and as a result there has been an increase in the number of serious casualties in Gloucestershire. 

The Department of Transport is investigating nationally the effect of this change.  Until the results of the investigation is known the reporting of all killed and serious injury (KSI) figures should be viewed with caution.


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