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Appeals on planning decisions

How to appeal

If you have been refused planning permission you can appeal via the Planning Inspectorate. Only the person who made the planning application has the right to appeal.

You must appeal within six months of the Planning Authority's decision notice or within 6 months of the end of the decision period if the Planning Authority has not made a decision. If you made comments on a planning application you will be notifiedif an appeal has been made, and you will be invited to make further comments if you wish.

The Planning Inspectorate provides further guidance on the appeals process.

Search and view appeals

Anyone can search for and view appeals using Public Access. If you had an interest in an application, live close to the area or have a special interest in the outcome as a member of a residents' association or group, then go to Public Access and enter the application details.

Who decides the outcome of an appeal?

Appeals are decided by government inspectors. But there are some appeals that the First Secretary of State will decide (for example, proposals that will affect more than just the local area). In those cases, the Inspector will consider all the evidence and send a report with their recommendation to the First Secretary of State. The Secretary of State then considers whether to accept the Inspector's recommendation, and issues a decision letter through the Department of Communities and Local Government.

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