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Community transport

What is Community Transport?

Community Transport is part of the voluntary sector run by charities and volunteer groups.

Community Transport and Public Transport work together to ensure Gloucestershire has a healthy transport network. 

Community Transport (CT) plays a vital role in filling gaps in service not provided by local buses and trains (the mainstream public transport network) as well as meeting the more specific needs of particular groups or individuals in the community. CT often takes the form of either (i) set routes with a set timetable (often shopper trips or school transport), or (ii) on demand journeys, where a customer has contacted a group and booked a trip (this is demand responsive transport, often a 'dial-a-ride' system). 

The County Council sees the effective support of Community Transport as essential to delivering positive outcomes for Gloucestershire communities. Local transport needs for all residents can be met, via these non-profit-making or social enterprise teams, which involves a mixture of volunteers and paid staff. 

Successful Community Transport normally depends on a partnership between the people running the organisation, the public sector, customers and the community. 

How do I find out more?

Gloucestershire County Council are prioritising transparency and promotion of Community Transport. 

Community Transport should be considered in the same way as other mean of public transport. The providers in Gloucestershire will do all they can to make your journey as easy as possible. Where there is no local bus or train service, Community Transport is the perfect option.

In Gloucestershire there is an active Community Transport sector, ranging from small voluntary car schemes through to developing social enterprises. Many groups who operate transport also manage other things - lunch clubs, shops which directly support the organisation, community outreach, events and activities... Just ask them - see the list below!  

Some have become involved in the operation of contracts for home to school and local transport on behalf of the county council, as a means of generating revenue which may in turn help support the provision of the more social types of local transport - booking a specific journey. 

Community Transport list

Any one of these groups will be happy to talk about how they might be able to help you and your community. 

(A to Z)

Bledington Care Committee

Only available to Bledington residents

  Tel: 01608 658525

Bream Voluntary Car Service

Mileage charges apply

Tel: 01594 560257

Community Connexions
including Rural Rover for Tewkesbury and transport for the areas of Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cotswolds and Stroud 

Home page - click here

Transport page - click here

Tel: 0345 680 5029

Cotswold Friends

Home page - click here

Transport page - click here

Tel: 01608 651115

Dursley & District Association -Transport of the Disabled and Elderly

£1.00 per mile. For social events and activities for elderly and disabled.

(No transport to hospital appointments please) 


Tel: 01608 651415

Hedgehog (Cotswolds routes)

Home page - click here 

Timetable page - click here

Tel: 01386 841849 

Lydney Dial A Ride 

Home page - click here 

Your own booking - click here

Set Forest Routes - click here

Tel: 01594 843809

Newent Dial A Ride a.k.a. Sheppard House Transport

Home page - click here 

Transport page - click here

Tel: 01531 821227

Villager (North Cotswolds routes, Oxfordshire &Warwickshire)

Home page - click here 

Timetable page - click here 

Tel:  01608 811617

or 07771 624578



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