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We will be updating Umbraco soon.
This section will then need to be updated and consequently some content may be out of date.

Need help with the Umbraco system?
We've gathered a few useful resources here.


Upcoming online training.


Please read the GCC password policy and set your Umbraco password accordingly

Self help

From Umbraco

Umbraco have an extremely useful site with short videos showing how the menu tree, content editor and media manager work (watch these first):

They also have an editor's manual which should read:
This manual explains how to do all the normal tasks in Umbraco.

From the Digital Team

Recorded training sessions

If you couldn't attend any of the sessions, we have recordings on YouTube.

Introduction - approx. 1 hour:
This session covers the basics but does not go into all the details.

Page editing - approx 90 minutes:
This session goes into greater detail of how to edit web pages

Our slides

These are the slides we use in our training.

These are slides from a recent best practice session on writing for the web, search engine optimisation and accessibility (see the GDS guidance for more detail on accessibiliy)

These are slides from a recent session on advanced features that look at the news system, booking system, slide show and new homepage template

From the Government Digital Service

Accessibility of non-HTML documents

Checking a PDF: Section 4 of Doing a basic accessibility check if you cant do a detailed one

With the detail inPublishing accessible documents

We will be updating Umbraco soon.
These How-tos will not be completed until after the update.

If you are having any difficulty contact the Digital Office: 01452 328095 /

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