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Armed Forces Community Covenant

What is the Covenant and what does it mean?

The Armed Forces Covenant exists between the people of the UK and the Armed Forces and their families. It lays out the principles that should exist in the relationship between the Armed Forces and the rest of the Nation, including respect, support and fair treatment. It makes clear that no-one who has served should face disadvantage from their service and that, in some cases, special consideration is appropriate.

The Community Covenant stands alongside the Armed Forces Covenant and is a voluntary statement of mutual support between the people of Gloucestershire and the local Armed Forces community. Through its membership of the Community Covenant, Gloucestershire County Council has made a commitment to the wider Armed Forces Covenant, to support the Armed Forces community within Gloucestershire.

In following these commitments, the Council is involved in a number of areas to support the Armed Forces, their families and those who have served to be a part of the wider community. To see examples of the ways in which the covenant has supported, the latest annual report is available in the related documents section on the right hand side of this page.

Aims of the Covenant

  • Encourage local communities to support the Armed Forces community in their areas.
  • Encourage the Armed Forces community to help and support the wider community, whether through participation in events and joint projects or other forms of engagement.
  • Promote understanding and awareness among the public of issues affecting the Armed   Forces community.
  • Recognise and remember the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces community.
  • Encourage activities which help to integrate the Armed Forces community into local life.

Members of the Covenant

The County Council is joined in the Covenant by partners from the public and third sectors. To see a list of our Covenant partners and a copy of the Covenant please see the related documents section on the right hand side of this page.

The Covenant Champion for Gloucestershire County Council is Cllr Shaun Parsons: shaun.parsons@gloucestershire.gov.uk.

Joining the Covenant

New organisations are always welcome to sign up to the Covenant to raise awareness and show your support. A list of recent organisations to sign up to the Community Covenant can be found in the Annual Report.

There is also the Corporate Covenant for those businesses that wish to pledge their assistance.

For more information on signing the Covenant, or for any other questions, please contact the Armed Forces Covenant team at afcovenant@gloucestershire.gov.uk

The Covenant Fund launched in August 2015 and replaces the old Community Covenant Grant Scheme. It supports the Armed Forces Covenant by funding projects that address specific priorities and has £10 million to distribute each year.

Funding Priorities.

The Covenant Fund can provide money to projects that meet its key criteria and addresses one of its chosen priorities. The funding priorities for April 2017 to March 2018 are as follows:

    • Families in stress
    • Strengthening local government delivery of the covenant
    • Armed Forces Covenant: local grants
    • A single grant for the provision of a digital support programme for the Covenant Fund.

At time of writing the local grants priority was for projects that:

  • help integrate Armed Forces and civillian communities across the UK


  • deliver valuable local services to the Armed Forces community.

For more information on any part of the Fund including the key criteria or priorities, who can apply or to access an application form, please see the Covenant Fund webpage, available here.

To speak to somebody about your application you can contact the Covenant Team; details can be found on the Covenant Fund webpage. To speak to somebody about the Covenant in Gloucestershire or to discuss your local grant application with the Local Covenant Partnership, please email afcovenant@gloucestershire.gov.uk

We are always interested in hearing from you if you are interested or thinking of submitting a bid!

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