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Council performance

As a local authority our job is to deliver services to the public. When we look at our performance we have to consider how well we have delivered these services.

How we manage and report our performance

What is it?

To help us improve in the right areas and demonstrate progress, we use performance management.  This helps us to:

  • Focus on the council's priorities.
  • Set targets aimed at improving services and measures progress.
  • Identify and tackle poor performance.
  • Be accountable to our customers.
  • Help ensure we provide value for money.

In addition, we use the information to compare with other councils and providers to see what represents the best practice in service provision.

Key activities relating to the management and reporting of our performance

  • Looking to the future: The Council Strategy 2019-2022  - Sets out the council's high-level priorities, measures and targets for 2019-2022.
  • Reporting our performance - We produce quarterly performance reports for discussion with the council’s Corporate Management Team and at each of the Scrutiny Committees. Business plans are used by each service to show they have a clear sense of what they aim to achieve over the next three years. They provide a vital link between the council strategy and day to day working.
  • Audits, inspections and assessments - The council's services are inspected by statutory agencies, such as the HMICFRS, Ofsted, and The Care Quality Commission. They assess the services we deliver and help us to identify how they can improve.

Performance reporting

As a local authority our job is to deliver services to the public. When we look at our performance we have to consider how well we have delivered these services.

One way of measuring whether we are providing effective services is to use performance indicators. The Government gives us very strict guidelines on how we must list the indicators, and work them out, they give a very good indication of the wide range of services Gloucestershire County Council provides. We also use a range of local indicators which link to our council strategy.

But how does the county council actually use the indicators? Well, they play an important role in the way we plan, monitor and control our services. Every local authority has to publish its indicators so that gives us the opportunity to compare our performance with similar councils and identify the service areas we need to improve. We look at the best performing councils and strive to ensure that our own services match theirs. 

Quarterly Reports 2019-20

Quarter 1

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