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Searches - Con29 enquiries of a Local Authority

The "Con29 Enquiries of a Local Authority" search comprises a set of 'standard' (Con29R) and 'optional' (Con29O) questions compiled by The Law Society, which allow the potential purchaser of a property to find out specific information relating to that property.  The search includes matters such as road schemes, planning history, building regulations, contaminated land, etc.

Most Solicitors and purchasers do not compile the search themselves, but instruct a third party to compile the information on their behalf, for a fee. The Con29 search is usually compiled by the District/Borough Council in which the property is situated or by a private Personal Search Company. In order to obtain a full Con29 search, records from both the County Council and the local District/Borough Council must be consulted.

In order to arrange a Con29 search through the District/Borough Council, please contact the relevant Council's Land Charges department. The local Council will then formally consult the County Council regarding the highways, county planning and, if required, common land/village green elements.  If you are unsure which local Council covers the parish where the property is situated, there is a helpful search facility on the Glos Parish and Town councils page.

You can also apply for a full Con29 search online via the National Land Information Service.

In order to arrange a Con29 search through a PSC, you will need to contact them directly. Please note that although the County Council is responsible for holding the Highways, County Planning and Common Land/Village Green information required to complete the Con29 Enquiries of a Local Authority, the County Council are not responsible for the replies compiled by Personal Search Companies.


Con29 search services available direct from the County Council

If you only require answers to the Highways or County Planning elements of the Con29 search, you can apply direct to the Highway Records team at the County Council for a formal response.  Highway Records can provide County Council answers direct to you for the following questions: Con29(R)2016 1.2, 2.1-2.5, 3.1, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7ef&g, 3.12 and Con29O - 4, 16, 21, 22.2&3.

If you require an answer to Con29O-22.1&3, you will need to apply to our Legal Services section, via the local District Council.  Link to Commons/Village Green information: Common land and village greens.

Please note that you may need to contact more than one authority to gain a complete answer to some questions.  The attached 2016 Schedule of Registers: Con29 (2020 Ed.) Schedule of Registers does not attempt to provide a complete list showing all the sources of information required to answer the Highways, County Planning and Common Land/Village Green questions, but is intended as additional information to other available sources.


Charges for answers to the County Council's Highways / County planning Con29 questions 

Please note that VAT is payable on Con29 Searches.

We can only supply information regarding properties within the Administrative area of Gloucestershire. We do not cover South Gloucestershire, and not all GL postcodes lie in Gloucestershire.


Online Con29 ordering and payment

Submit Con29 and pay

Enter your details and the location of your enquiry when you click the button above. Please select "Con29 Enquiries of a Local Authority" when prompted, and you will then be directed to select which questions you wish to ask.

Details of our individual charges will not be listed on the online form, but can be found in the 'Charges' section above. Please ensure you have read them so you are aware of the likely total charge. You will, however, be able to review the cost of your order before being passed to our payment services partner, Capita, who will securely process your card details.

Please also note you will be required to upload a location plan, and confirm that the responses you will receive will be read in conjunction with the attached GCC Con29 Informatives.

For information: Please allow the payment process to fully complete before moving away from the order page. Following submission and payment of your order you will receive 2 confirmation emails (one from us, and another from the payment services partner).  If you do not receive this (within 2 hours of submission), please email


How else can I order Con29 information

We can no longer accept card payments over the phone. Therefore, if you cannot use the online ordering system, you will need to send us a cheque made payable to Gloucestershire County Council for the correct total (incl. VAT), together with a completed copy of the attached postal submission form.

Form for postal submission (April 2022 - March 2023): Con29GCC County Enquiry Form Apr2022-Mar2023


Turnaround times

On receipt of your order, we will assess your request and be in touch if we have any immediate queries.  Otherwise, we aim to provide a substantive response to Con29 enquiries within approximately 5 working days.


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