Community Speed Watch

Helping communities to help themselves and helping drivers to respect communities.

As you drive through Gloucestershire’s communities, please remember a little care goes a long way. By following the speed limit and driving with care and consideration when sharing the roads with motorcyclists and cyclists you can make a real difference.

Respectful driving reduces damaging noise and vibration and harmful emissions. It also makes our communities nicer places – and safer – to live.

We all lead busy lives and sometimes stressful lives and it can be easy to forget how our behaviour is affecting others. By taking a moment to remember the impact you make and by aiming to be a caring driver you can help a great deal.

So how can we work together to influence drivers and remind everyone to show respect on the roads?

First we need to make sure we are being good neighbours in our own community and drive with the care and respect that we hope others will emulate. A community pledge is a good starting point.

  • Find out what are the issues or concerns of a community?
  • The Community Speed Watch project is available to you, to find out more keep on reading below.

The Gloucestershire Rural Community Council have released a toolkit that may help you and your community to reducing traffic speed. To view this toolkit please click here.


Community Speed Watch details

During the past 5 years, over 200 Gloucestershire community groups have made use of our hand held radar speed detection guns.

Inappropriate speed of traffic is a real concern of many people living in the county, and we are always pleased to help and advise community groups about the best ways of getting the message across – to their own community.

Some groups carry out their own speed survey, some write letters to businesses who are noted as regular speeders, some use wheelie bin stickers and/or signs to remind drivers of the designated speed limits, and some even write to every household in the area outlining the issues and risks.

Community-focused campaigns work really well, and if we can help you to help yourself, then we are helping to spread the road safety messages within the communities of the county.

For support and more information please email the Gloucestershire Police Community Watch.

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