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Ecological planning advice

Our role

The ecological service advises in general how biodiversity can be conserved and enhanced in relation to other Council services and functions. The ecology service also advises organisations and individuals intending to carrying out works and projects that require some form of permission from the Council, e.g. planning consent.

How we can help you

If you intend to submit a proposal to us that we need to give our consent to (e.g. waste and mineral developments), contact us at the pre-application stage and we will be able to tell you what biodiversity information, surveys and assessments you should provide. This is part of a paid pre-application advice service but our free general advice for making county planning applications can be found in downloadable documents on this page as well as here

Gloucestershire Centre for Environmental records (GCER) offers a data enquiries service that provides access to species records, habitat data and details of designated sites. If your proposal may affect a European (internationally) designated site (SAC, SPA or Ramsar site) then you will need to submit an Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) report. The HRA report will assist the County Council as Planning Authority to carry out a statutory assessment process. If your proposal affects a road or Public Right of Way then it is recommended you check out our Highways and Biodiversity webpage here.

All Planning Authorities in Gloucestershire, including the County Council, have been granted Great Crested District Licences by Natural England. This provides a new option for developers to use where planning applications might have an impact on great crested newts. Using its District (organisational) licence the County Council will be able to simultaneously determine planning applications and safeguard local newt populations. This avoids delays and provides better and more certain outcomes. This is all possible because the Council has joined up to an extended South Midlands scheme where it is being assisted by a specialist company called NatureSpace and a Newt Conservation Partnership. More information on the South Midlands Scheme and what it can do for developers and great crested newts can be found on Nature Space’s website .

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