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Make a planning application

Anyone considering making an application for planning permission to dispose of waste or work with minerals is strongly advised to obtain advice from our Planning and Development officers before submitting an application by completing the Pre-application advice request form

What should my application include?

Firstly refer to the Adopted GCC Local Validation Checklist (September 2020)

Your application should include a plan of the site, details of proposed work and the fee. You must also submit a certificate to confirm that you own the land or have notified all the landowners. Anyone has the authority to make a planning application irrespective of who owns the land. If the applicant is not the owner they must inform the existing owner of their intentions of the proposal.

If your application might have an impact on great crested newts District Licensing is now available. See our Ecological planning advice page for further details.


How to apply for waste related development

  • Apply for planning permission using the Planning Portal if your application relates to waste and county council developments (schools, fire stations and libraries).
  • If your application relates to any other development contact your district, borough or city council.
  • Apply to us for planning permission using the application form and one or more of the supplementary information forms as applicable along with an ownership certificate and agricultural land declaration. The guidance notes and local validation list should be consulted for further advice.

Apply to carry out mineral working and associated development

Additional mineral forms:


If you have any enquiries about making a planning application email:

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Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details.