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Am I at risk of flooding?

To best prepare for the possibility of flooding, it is a good idea to find out whether your house or business is at risk.

Flood risk maps

Almost 11,000 properties in the county are at 1% risk in any year from river flooding (1 in 100 year event). Even if your home is not directly at risk from flooding, we can all be affected by the consequences of an unexpected event.

Surface water or flash flooding, usually resulting from torrential rain over a short space of time, can cause much disruption. Unlike river flooding, surface water flooding is much more difficult to predict. 

You can check the long-term risk of flooding to your property by looking at the Environment Agency's flood maps. The flood risk maps are intended only as a guide and are not designed to be accurate at an individual property level.

If the flood maps indicate that your local area may be at risk, you might want to consider what steps you can take in advance to be prepared for flooding. As surface water flooding is more difficult to predict, the different agencies involved may not be able to respond fast enough; it is better to be prepared for flooding in advance rather than trying to organise protection for your home when roads may already be impassable.

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Page updated: 29/11/2022 Page updated by: Flooding Team

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